Gartner® Report: Top Benefits to Support Your Supply Chain Transformation

Per Gartner, “Supply chain strategy realization, also referred to as supply chain transformation, is the coordinated implementation of various integrated initiatives across multiple supply chain functions that drive improved business performance that is sustained over time.”

In this new report, you’ll learn:

  • The key benefits of supply chain transformation and its impact on business performance, according to the 2021 Gartner Supply Chain Transformation Drivers, Best Practices and Benefits Survey
  • How long it takes to implement supply chain transformation, and when to expect performance improvements
  • How to build your transformation business case

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Key Takeaways

  • “Thirty-four percent of respondents ranked improving supply chain resiliency to support agility as one of the top three most important benefits experienced over the past three years.
  • Asia/Pacific respondents ranked enhancement of stakeholder engagement first, with 48% citing it as a top three benefit. Latin American respondents ranked upgrading technology as the most important benefit, with 54% ranking it the chief advantage of transformation. This means CSCOs leading global or multinational organizations need to shape their transformation communications based on the region. Improved stakeholder engagement will resonate with leaders in Asia/Pacific more than those in Latin America.
  • Cost reduction was not the top benefit for most of the organizations, but there were differences:
  • For midsize enterprises, 32% of respondents identify significantly reducing costs as No. 1 among the top three benefits. This means CSCOs or strategic planning leaders at midsize companies must show how transformation will reduce costs to win funding for the initiative.

  • Healthcare providers rank significantly reducing cost first. Retailers rank cost reduction ninth and improving customer experience first. This means healthcare providers and retailers should not position the supply chain transformation’s primary benefit as resiliency but, instead, position cost saving if in healthcare and customer experience if in retail.”

Gartner® Report: Top Benefits to Support Your Supply Chain Transformation

Gartner, Top Benefits to Support Your Supply Chain Transformation, By Michael Dominy, Published 10 December 2021

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