Gartner® Report: Shockproof Your Supply Chain for the New Age of Disruption

Published June 15, 2022

In recent years, new disruptions in global supply chains seem to loom around every corner; from trade wars and unprecedented demand surges to day-to-day delivery exceptions that strain inventory management and customer relationships, it has never been more critical for Chief Procurement Officers and other supply chain leaders to proactively manage, mitigate, and anticipate potential disruptions in order to achieve resilience. 

The research presented in this report allows CPOs and other stakeholders to build more resilience into their supply chain operations, which in turn allows their organizations to not only survive, but thrive in this new age of continuous disruption. 

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Key Takeaways

"To insure their supply chain remains operational and competitive, despite constant disruptions, CPOs should:

  • Apply an exponential response by comprehensively reacting to disruptions, and effectively managing and mitigating risks beyond just the impacted area, with a view toward the whole organization and future fragilities. Areas not affected, but carrying the same operations framework and processes, should also be evaluated and adjusted, as well as areas that aren’t fragile yet, but with unexpected developments, could turn into vulnerabilities.
  • Adhere to the tenets of exponential learning to determine how to build resilience and develop capabilities to avoid potential disruptions that may be sensed on the horizon. Assure a robust feedback process that feeds all disruption and response lessons into preventive measures to augment risk management’s sensing activities in the future. Exponential learning also connects supply chain risk management to business continuity management, and requires regular reviews and tests of business continuity plans that would be needed when risk management responses fail.
  • Adopt the practice of exponential investment. It creates an outside-in supply ecosystem that enables the organization to create its own markets and robust demand with innovation, both internal and harnessed externally, at a pace that will optimize risk as a catalyst to gain a competitive edge. Invest in emerging technologies and digital business platforms that will be critical for operational execution excellence."

Gartner® Report: Shockproof Your Supply Chain for the New Age of Disruption

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