The National Gallery, London

December 29, 2021


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The Challenge

The National Gallery houses one of the most significant collections of paintings in the world. The pictures are very high value and are frequently transported worldwide for exhibitions in various settings, from shopping centers and open markets to railway stations.

Before partnering withTive, The National Gallery required security guards to travel with every shipment, making sure the paintings were not damaged or stolen. This came at a high cost as at any time there would be 10+ collections being shipped across the globe, meaning over 10 security guards were required.

As Covid-19 impacted the world and travel became restricted, The National Gallery needed a different way to monitor the art collections that were being shipped around the world.

The Solution

The National Gallery partnered with Tive and launched a process to include the multi-sensor Solo 5G tracker with every shipment.

Tive's solution provides The National Gallery with real-time location data at the package level, with its ability to triangulate hyper-accurate location using WiFi, cellular and GPS. Real-time location and condition reporting alerts give The National Gallery insight into their shipments for any unexpected deviations - such as light alerts for a case that was opened or humidity deviations and take measures to ensure their artwork isn't damaged in transit. With Tive's geofencing feature, they are also alerted when their shipment arrives at its destination - or if an estimated time of arrival (ETA) has changed.

The National Gallery no longer needs a security guard monitoring every shipment, which has delivered a return on investment of over $100,000 in travel costs so far. They also reuse their trackers on multiple shipments, saving even more on cost and reverse logistics.

While not part of their original scope, The National Gallery discovered that art could be monitored while on display. If the artwork is kept in the wrong conditions, irreparable damage could be done. They now ensure that the locations that the artwork gets shipped to have the right lighting, temperature and humidity, while also being alerted if the paintings have been moved and can take immediate action.

The National Gallery has said that they receive excellent support from the Tive 24x7 monitoring team and plan to continue using the Tive solution across the business.

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