Week in Review: Tive Joins Pharma.Aero, The Guac Gamble, Daring Cargo Heists & More—Welcome to the Supply Chain Circus!

June 27, 2024

July 2, 2024


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We've got a star-studded lineup of industry news this week—from Tive joining forces with Pharma.Aero to take on pharmaceutical transportation, to a sudden halt of avocado and mango inspections in Mexico threatening your morning avocado toast. We'll also jump into a daring $9.5 million cargo heist that's got the FBI on high alert, explore a united call for food security action in the UK as election day looms, and uncover how the consumer packaged goods industry is going green to meet growing demands for sustainability. From high-stakes collaborations to audacious thefts and from agricultural challenges to innovative solutions, let's dive right in!

Welcome to the Team: Tive Joins Pharma.Aero to Help Revolutionize Pharmaceutical Logistics

The healthcare world never stops advancing—nor does the need for sharper, more reliable logistics. In a strategic move, Pharma.Aero, a global platform for pharmaceutical transportation, has welcomed Tive and three other new members into the fold—Kuehne + Nagel, EarlyHealth Group, and E.T.H. Cargo Services.

Tive's Strategic Impact

As a trailblazer in real-time shipment visibility and logistics, Tive brings expertise and innovation to Pharma.Aero. With a staggering delivery of over a million tracking devices to more than 700 global customers and approval in upwards of 180 countries, Tive's commitment to optimizing pharmaceutical logistics is unparalleled. Alex Guillen, Global SME for Life Science and Pharma at Tive, was sure to comment on the magnitude of this collaboration, saying, “Partnering with Pharma.Aero marks a pivotal moment for Tive in our commitment to revolutionizing pharmaceutical logistics.”

A Collaborative Future

Tive's partnership with Pharma.Aero benefits both parties: Tive continues to expand its healthcare impact, while Pharma.Aero gains innovative logistics solutions for its Life Science Manufacturers Advisory Platform. Together, they aim to improve the delivery of essential healthcare products, set new standards, and overcome pharmaceutical logistics challenges.

Trouble in Mexico: Avocado & Mango Inspections Hit a Pause

When U.S. agricultural inspectors faced a scary assault in Mexico's Michoacan state, the impact was immediate: a sudden halt on avocado and mango inspections. With this interruption affecting a massive chunk of the industry, what does this disruption mean for everyone—from farmers to your morning avocado toast?

Trade Tensions & the Need for Safety

Michoacan is a powerhouse in the avocado world, delivering over 80% of Mexico's avocados, with exports reaching $2.84 billion in 2023. This suspension isn't just a small blip on the radar screen; it’s a meaningful disruption that screams for increased safety measures for those who certify that avocados are top-notch and disease-free. The stakes couldn't be higher as Michoacan and Jalisco are the only Mexican states cleared for exporting avocados to the U.S.

Finding a Path to Safer Trade

U.S. Ambassador Ken Salazar calls for immediate action to resolve these security concerns. Pharr and Laredo, Texas, where about 90% of these avocados enter the U.S., feel the impact deeply. And we’ve been down this road before; inspectors faced similar dangers in 2019 and 2022. With more than 34,000 avocado farmers—and over 84 packing houses affected—there’s a strong push from all sides to boost security measures. Keep the avocados coming, and the people behind them safe.

Big Heist on the Highway: Unraveling a $9.5 Million Cargo Theft Scheme

Imagine this: over $9.5 million in high-end liquor and commercial-grade copper—GONE. That’s the reality hitting the headlines after an Illinois man, Aivaras Zigmantas, was charged with pulling off a bold cargo theft scheme across several states.  

How One Man Tricked the Trucking World

Meet Aivaras Zigmantas, a thief and a master of disguise who used nearly a dozen aliases—from "Rolandas Butkus" to "Kathy Stone." By posing as a mix of real and made-up carriers and brokers, Zigmantas redirected shipments to warehouses under his control. Then, he and his team stole loads intended for legitimate markets, aiming to take goods valued at around $13.6 million. Ultimately, they made off with more than $9.5 million.  

A Growing Threat

Cargo theft isn’t just a line item on a risk assessment spreadsheet anymore; it's a looming threat becoming all too common. Recent stats from CargoNet point to a 10% jump in theft incidents at the start of 2024 compared to the end of 2023, marking a staggering 46% increase from the year before. The FBI is now stepping in, focusing on "social engineering" and strategic cargo theft scams that are tricking even the savviest shippers and brokers. After all, there have been nearly 500 reported fraud cases and fictitious pickups in just over six months.

Don't Forget the Food: A United Call for Action in the UK

As the UK gears up for elections on July 4, a potent message rings out from the heart of Britain’s food supply chain: "Never take our food security for granted."  

All Hands on Deck for Food Security

The UK has faced its share of challenges—from Brexit disruptions to global pandemics and geopolitical upheavals. Through it all, the UK food supply has bent, but not broken. Yet even though it's shown resilience, it has also revealed its breaking points. Food supply is as vital as any other form of national defense, and that's why major industry players—including the NFU and UK Hospitality—are urging future leaders to prioritize food security this election season. It's all the same challenge, whether keeping grocery shelves stocked or plates full.

What Needs to Happen Next

The coalition’s message to political candidates is loud and clear: We need a plan, and we need it now. Their wish list includes everything from smarter planning systems allowing innovative farming infrastructure to slashing carbon footprints and boosting biodiversity. They’re pushing for a smarter, more sustainable approach to growing, selling, and consuming food to thrive and make healthy, affordable food the standard.

A Green Makeover: How the CPG Industry is Transforming for the Better

Lastly, the call for sustainability is reshaping the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, driven by a clear message from shoppers: 70% of U.S. consumers now expect their products to be sustainably sourced, with 65% more inclined to purchase them.  

Stepping Up With Transparency & Traceability

In response to growing consumer demands, food processors such as ADM are restructuring their operations so every step of their supply chain is clear and accountable. Michelle French, ADM's director of global sustainability programs, describes their mission and approach “to grow and do so responsibly.” Think of meticulous third-party evaluations and rigorous emission reduction targets to adjust to new standards—and actively define what it means to operate sustainably.

Pioneering Practices & Pushing for Policy Support

The shift toward sustainability is blossoming through initiatives like regenerative agriculture and innovations such as cultivated meat. ADM has made impressive strides with its regenerative projects stretching across 2.8 million acres—slashing their carbon emissions by 310,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalent in 2023. Meanwhile, companies like UPSIDE Foods are redefining meat production, using up to 90% less land and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 92% compared to conventional methods. Yet, meeting regulatory standards remains a challenge. Advocates including Tom Madrecki from the Consumer Brands Association stress the need for supportive policies to help the CPG industry thrive and innovate constraint free.

Charting New Horizons with Tive

The call for precise and proactive logistics solutions echoes loudly in a week when fines fly—and new routes unfold. Here's how Tive’s tools can both keep you on course and ahead of the competition:

  • Trackers: Revolutionize your shipment tracking with Tive's advanced Solo 5G tracker and the newly released Tive Solo Lite—offering real-time location and condition monitoring for the security and integrity of your cargo.
  • Tive Tag: Enhance perishable shipment protection with Tive Tag—an affordable and reusable paper-thin temperature logger—to verify that your goods have remained pristine throughout transit.
  • Platform: Streamline your supply chain management with Tive's intuitive cloud platform, offering comprehensive visibility, analytics, and integration capabilities for seamless shipment tracking and monitoring.
  • Industries: Tive caters to a diverse range of industries, ensuring tailored solutions for unique supply chain challenges—from perishables to high-value goods to transportation and logistics to pharmaceuticals…and beyond.
  • 24/7 Live Monitoring Team: This team is available to help ensure that your shipments are constantly watched over and managed—to guarantee timely and secure delivery.

Arm yourself with innovation: let Tive lead the way in transforming your supply chain operations. Embrace the future of logistics–get started with Tive today.

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