We Monitor Your Shipments 24/7—So You Don't Have To.

Tive’s 24/7 Live Monitoring team of experts provide all the benefits of real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility—without hiring, training, and managing an internal team.

Our team of logistics professionals actively monitor your shipments around the clock so you don’t have to—helping to ensure that your shipments arrive on time and in full.

Tive doesn’t just track real-time shipping data. We act on it immediately.

Tive’s 24/7 Live Monitoring experts actively manage your shipments, working directly with LSPs, carriers, and drivers to prevent delays, damage, and theft.

Track Location in Real-Time
Monitor departure, arrival, geofences, proof of delivery, and ETAs
Resolve location issues by immediately contacting the Logistics Service Provider (LSP), carrier, or truck driver
Monitor Temperature & Humidity
Monitor and manage all user-defined temperature and humidity excursions
Resolve temperature deviations by contacting the LSP, carrier, or driver
Prevent Cargo Theft & Damage via Light and Shock Alerts
Monitor trailer or container door open events as well as shock events for fragile cargo
Manage Delayed Air Departures & Misrouted Shipments
Notify you of misrouted or delayed air shipments
Assure shipments get on the next available flight
Optimize Your Operations via Advanced Analytics
Customized dashboards display aggregated shipment information and alert details
Gain insights to optimize performance, such as lane performance and on-time carrier delivery

Tive’s 24/7 Live Monitoring Team impacts an average of 12 potentially-lost shipments daily, saving customers $325 million to date.

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