Protect Your High-Value Goods

Cargo theft is a very real problem costing manufacturers and retailers millions of dollars every year. The right visibility platform helps you spot problems in real time — to reduce instances of theft, delays, and damage.

Cargo theft in the United States alone is a $15 to $35 billion industry.

Source: National Insurance Crime Bureau

Get End-to-End, Real-Time Visibility into Shipment Location & Condition

If you need complete, real-time visibility into the location and condition of your high-value consumer goods shipments, Tive has the solution. Tive Solo trackers use the latest global cellular, WiFi, and GPS technology to report real-time, validated sensor data to the Tive cloud platform.

Tive sends alerts when things go wrong—enabling you to take immediate action to minimize product damage and theft.

Improve Security. Reduce Risk.

Cargo loss can trigger a domino effect of costs—lost revenue, supply chain interruptions, insurance claims, replacement shipments, customer service costs, and more. For high-value loads, the stakes are even higher.

Tive’s real-time visibility helps protect your precious cargo—so you can deliver on time and in full, every time.

Track & Analyze

Industry-leading Tive Solo trackers capture and transmit hyper-accurate location, temperature, shock, humidity, and light exposure—so you can fix issues before they become problems.

Solo trackers use the latest global cellular technology to report hyper-accurate location and condition through WiFi and GPS positioning, and send other rich sensor data—in real time—to the Tive cloud platform.

Tive analytics captures historical shipment data which unlocks performance insights about shipments, alerts, and carriers—to help you quickly spot growth opportunities, prioritize resources, and make decisions that drive your business forward.

Why Tive Solo Trackers?

Stop wasting time and money calling drivers, confirming shipment location, and managing handoffs. The Tive solution includes:

Real-time shipment location and condition tracking—across all modes of transportation—at the same price
Lithium and Non-Lithium trackers to suit your business needs
Coverage in 186 countries via best-in-class connectivity (2G, 4G/5G)
Robust battery life powers long-distance and multimodal shipments
The ability to eliminate reverse logistics using single-use trackers or support sustainability with multi-use, recyclable trackers
Bi-directional connectivity, enabling customers to adjust tracker settings on the fly—providing added visibility and control
Plus the Solo 5G is approval on 170+ air carriers—for confident importing and exporting