Gain a complete 360° view
of your shipments

Manage all of your freight in real time.

The Tive Platform

Capture, store, and analyze location and condition data—for all your multimodal global shipments.

Real-Time Visibility

Standardize tracking across shipments—and ensure the safety and quality of your products.

Alerts & Notifications

Create custom alerts and receive notifications in real-time—so you can fix issues before they become problems.

Reporting & Analytics

Unlock performance insights about shipments, alerts, and carriers—to quickly spot growth opportunities, prioritize resources, and make decisions that drive your business forward.

Ease of Integration

Tive seamlessly integrates into your ERP, TMS, WMS, and other systems via our API and webhooks, making it easy to synchronize and centralize real-time shipment data.

Live Tracking

Get hyper-accurate location in real-time with cellular, GPS, and WiFi—to ensure on-time, in-full delivery.

Temperature & Humidity

Protect your sensitive shipments—from point of origin to point of delivery—to assure the high quality of your cargo.

Light & Shock

Protect your cargo from start to finish—to reduce instances of theft, delays, and damage.

Real-Time Alerts

Tive sends real-time alerts when things go wrong—so you can take immediate action to fix issues before they become problems.