Why Choose Tive?

Tive provides real-time, end-to-end visibility into the location and condition of shipments around the globe, helping logistics teams reduce risk, operate more efficiently, and improve on-time, in-full deliveries using hyper-accurate, multi-sensor Solo 5G trackers, paper-thin loggers (Tive Tag), an easy-to-use cloud platform, and a 24/7 Live Monitoring team.

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Hyper-accurate, real-time location & condition tracking

Tive tracks the location of your shipments using cellular, WiFi, & GPS positioning systems. Real-time sensors monitor temperature, light, shock, and humidity, and send instant alerts—so you can stop problems in their tracks.
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Multimodal, multi-leg tracking versatility & best-in-class global coverage

Tive provides 100% end-to-end shipment visibility across road, air, ocean, and rail—plus coverage in more than 186 countries. In-flight tracking is accomplished by entering air waybill (AWB) numbers directly into the Tive platform, and ocean tracking is managed via Container ID numbers. The Solo 5G tracker family is rechargeable and includes along battery life. Our Non-Lithium trackers are approved on 165+ air carriers.
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Robust reporting & data analytics

Use historical shipment data to unlock analytics and performance insights about shipments, alerts, carriers, and your supply chain as a whole—to help expose growth opportunities and drive efficiencies, prioritize resources, and make informed decisions that drive your business forward. A plethora of data is available to Tive’s customers for deep analysis and insights.
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Intuitive, easy-to-use cloud visibility platform

Tive’s enterprise platform enables you to monitor the real-time location and condition of shipments in transit, configure alerts to proactively manage risks, and offer granular control over who can access or edit shipment data—to ensure secure, efficient collaboration. Use Tive’s API or web hooks to seamlessly integrate and synchronize your shipment data into your existing applications (e.g., WMS, ERP, TMS, CRM, BI tools).
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24/7 Live Monitoring services & dedicated customer support  

Our 24/7 Live Monitoring team can track your precious shipments around the clock—so you don’t have to. Best-in-class customer service and in-depth product training is available to all Tive customers.
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How Tive Stacks Up
Best-in-class global coverage in 186+ countries and
approval for use on 170+ air carriers
Relentless innovation: World's first single and multi-use tracker and first non-lithium tracker.
24/7 Live Monitoring team of logistics experts are available to monitor your precious shipments around the clock—so you don't have to.
Industry-leading tracker technology tracker technology: Our multi-sensor Solo 5G trackers report real-time shipment location and a wide variety of conditions—including temperature, light, humidity, and shock—across all transportation legs and modes using GPS, global cellular, and WiFi positioning.
Unparalleled customization and control: Tive's alerts and collaboration tools are highly customizable to meet your needs. Set alerts at a shipment’s origin, in transit, destination, or any combination. Configure user roles and data permissions for shipment collaborators to streamline communications.
Seamless & flexible integrations into any enterprise application: Synchronize your data using Tive's API or webhooks.

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