Tive Solo 5G Accessories

Tive offers several accessories for use with our Solo 5G trackers. Our custom-designed temperature probes cover all temperature ranges—offering a complete cold chain shipping solution and enabling shippers to take immediate action when deviations occur. Tive Beacons provide insight into the temperature and location of shipments at the item level, or on pallets in different locations within a shipment.

Tive Solo 5G Tracker

Tech Specs

  • Condition Sensors Temperature Light Shock Humidity

  • Shock Sensitivity 12G

  • Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C

  • Temperature Range -20°C TO 60°C

  • Location Technology Cellular WiFi GPS

  • Location Accuracy: ±10m

  • Lithium OR Non-Lithium

  • Tive Solo 5G Tracker
  • SingleAND Multi-use

  • Battery Life 100+ days

  • Measure Frequency 2+ min

  • Supported Modes Road Ocean Air Rail

  • Air Carriers 60+

  • Water ResistanceIP67

  • Small but powerful

    Tracker device size 96 x 58 x 19mm
  • Connectivity 2G to 5G

  • Global Coverage 95%