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The Tive Green Program facilitates the proper return shipping and recycling of batteries. Tive takes the hassle out of returning temperature monitoring devices for recycling and reuse. When those receiving cargo don’t take advantage of this program, there is a risk that the batteries may be improperly disposed of—causing a safety or environmental hazard.

Please note that it could take up to 5 business days to receive your return label after filling out the form on this page.

For any questions or to enroll in the program, please reach out to recycling@tive.com or call our support team at +1 (617) 380-4347.

For U.S. Customers:
Tive provides customers with pre-paid postage return labels for any quantity of trackers. This enables customers the flexibility to use the packaging of their choice to ship the devices back to Tive.

For Customers Outside the U.S.:
For large quantity returns, Tive provides customers with pre-paid postage return labels. Please fill out the form and a representative will reach out to you to let you know if we will be able to provide a label or if you need to collect more trackers.

Pack up devices and attach your pre-paid label as well as the included Lithium Battery warning label then drop off your package at the appropriate carrier location. Once Tive receives your device(s), we will determine if you are eligible to receive a cash incentive for each device.

Trackers Eligible for Returning to Tive

Return Tive Solo 5G & Solo Lite trackers effortlessly via the Tive Green Program

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