Transparency Builds Trust. Trust Builds Business.

Whether your shipments involve a single carrier or multiple carriers—or one transportation mode or many—Tive connects all supply chain stakeholders with real-time visibility and transparency.

Eliminate Shipment Delays & Damage

The handoffs required between carriers, ports, customs, warehouses, distribution centers, and customers can mean a loss of control over your shipments—but Tive gives that control back to you.

More than 150 transportation, logistics, and 3PL companies across the globe use Tive to monitor their supply chain activities—and improve the experience for their end customers.

Tive - Solo 5G Tracker

Track & Analyze

Industry-leading Tive Solo 5G trackers capture and transmit hyper-accurate location, temperature, shock, humidity, and light exposure—to reduce excursions, assure product quality, and improve on-time and in-full deliveries.

Solo 5G trackers use the latest global cellular technology to report location and condition through WiFi and GPS positioning, and send other rich sensor data—in real time—to the Tive cloud platform.

Tive analytics captures historical shipment data which unlocks performance insights about shipments, alerts, and carriers—to help you quickly spot growth opportunities, prioritize resources, and make decisions that drive your business forward.

Why Tive Solo 5G Trackers?

Stop wasting time and money calling drivers, confirming shipment location, and managing handoffs. The Tive solution includes:

Real-time shipment location and condition tracking (temperature, humidity, light, and shock) across all modes of transportation
Lithium and Non-Lithium trackers to suit your business needs
Coverage in 186 countries via best-in-class connectivity (2G, 4G/5G)
Robust battery life powers long-distance/multimodal shipments
Eliminate reverse logistics using single use trackers or support sustainability with multi-use, refurbishable trackers
Approval on 150+ air carriers for confident importing and exporting