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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are core to both Tive’s and our customers’ business strategies—helping us achieve sustainable growth and a brighter future for all.


Tive connects every shipment with everyone involved.


To pioneer beyond what we thought possible, so what others hold near and dear arrives on time and in full.

Environmental, Social & Governance at Tive


We make every effort to reduce our impact on the environment—especially as it pertains to Tive trackers.

We achieve this by:

  • Renewing trackers and promoting their reuse
  • Reducing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promoting carbon conscious business travel internally


Our inclusive and diverse employee base is what makes the culture at Tive truly special. We recognize the value diversity brings to our customers and partners—and to the communities that we serve. 

We nurture our unique culture through:

  • A diversity-focused recruitment policy
  • ESG education initiatives for both our customers and our receivers
  • A strong commitment to equal opportunity


Strong governance around our ESG practices makes them more impactful and meaningful for Tive and our customers and partners. 

To that end, we commit to:

  • Adhere to ethical business practices
  • Uphold human rights and dignity
  • Provide a healthy and safe working environment

Tive’s Green Program: The Heart of Our ESG Strategy

Introduced in 2021, Tive's Green Program is built on a simple yet powerful idea: incentivize customers and receivers (those receiving trackers at the completion of a shipment) to return used Tive trackers to us instead of discarding them. Customers and receivers are encouraged to gather trackers post-shipment; once they have a full box, we send them a prepaid shipping label—facilitating a simple return process.

This initiative serves a couple of key purposes. First, it significantly reduces electronic waste by renewing and recirculating trackers, extending their useful life, and reducing the demand for new device production. Second, this program provides an opportunity for customers to be part of a sustainable cycle—which helps them contribute to their own ESG initiatives and priorities.

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Reducing Scope 3 Emissions

At Tive, sustainability starts with visibility. Thousands of companies worldwide have set targets to reduce the Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that occur in their supply chains. Achieving a more sustainable supply chain requires anticipating and adapting to unforeseen events, and Tive ensures that our solutions provide access to the end-to-end data visibility and real-time alerts shippers need—while also protecting the environment.

Tive actively supports sustainability initiatives on millions of shipments moved by all modes of transportation—around the globe. We help our customers reduce their Scope 3 emissions by:

  • Providing traceability: Tive trackers help customers know the exact location and condition of their shipments at all times, which helps minimize transit time—and carbon emissions generated.
  • Saving shipments: Real-time alerts enable shippers to mitigate disruptions—or avoid them altogether—reducing transit time and preventing waste.
  • Reducing truck “dwell” times: When a container is detained or delayed, Tive helps shippers quickly detect and leverage strategic appointment scheduling—decreasing idling time.
  • Eliminating empty miles: Identify round-trip opportunities across all lanes—creating more efficient routes.
  • Tracking damaging events: Documentation and real-time reporting capabilities enable Tive customers to quantify the impact of real-time visibility in relation to reducing damages, spoilage, and waste.

It’s no longer enough to deliver shipments on time and in full: we must do so sustainably. Consumers, customers, investors, and global governments demand no less. Tive’s combination of hyper-accurate trackers and a cloud-based platform provide companies with the visibility they need to reduce landfill waste and Scope 3 emissions.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Tive

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are important to Tive for several reasons. To begin, hiring and promoting in a diverse, inclusive manner is the right thing to do—it’s the right way to run a prosperous, successful business. Second, uniting people from different backgrounds produces a broader range of ideas and perceptions—and therefore, robust solutions to challenges faced by the company.

Tive is always trying to balance rapid growth with ensuring that we have a broad set of diverse perspectives throughout the company. Our philosophy is to always fill the top of the hiring funnel with a diverse set of candidates, and then make hiring decisions based on the best person applying to fill a specific position. True to one of our core values at Tive—Relentless Iteration—we always strive to improve our actions in this area.