Eco-Innovation in Action: Inside Tive’s Green Program

February 22, 2024

April 9, 2024


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As our planet nudges us toward more eco-conscious living, the spotlight turns to how we get our goods from point A to B. A McKinsey survey revealed that 66% of shoppers weigh sustainability in their buying decisions, and it's clear that the green wave is reshaping consumer expectations. However, beyond just doing good, the push for sustainable logistics is also about smart business. From optimizing routes for minimal fuel use to adopting renewable energies and ensuring every inch of cargo space counts, the industry is on the move. But what about traceability and tracking our goods in real time? Something that 71% of consumers said they’d pay up to a 35% premium for.

Tive's Solo 5G Non-Lithium trackers pioneered as the world's first non-lithium tracker, providing a big win for the environment by slashing lithium waste. But Tive's Green Program furthers its eco-friendly mission, offering a seamless way for users to return, recycle, and give new life to up to hundreds of single-use devices daily.    

Tive’s Green Program

Tive has embraced sustainability as a key pillar in reshaping modern logistics. With the Green Program launch in 2022, Tive isn't just staying ahead in supply chain innovation; it's also making a bold statement about its commitment to sustainable business practices.

The Green Program: A Win-Win for Customers & the Environment

At the heart of the Green Program is a simple yet powerful idea: incentivize customers and receivers (those receiving trackers at the completion of a shipment) to return their used Solo 5G trackers. Customers and receivers are encouraged to gather their trackers post-shipment; once they have a full box, Tive steps in with a prepaid shipping label for an easy return process directly to their headquarters.

This initiative serves several purposes. First, it significantly reduces electronic waste by renewing and recirculating the trackers, extending their useful life, and minimizing the demand for new device production. Second, it's an opportunity for customers to be part of a sustainable cycle, contributing to environmental conservation while still enjoying the benefits of Tive's cutting-edge tracking technology.  

Impressive Results & Future Goals

The Green Program has already demonstrated its value, with 35% of domestic trackers recycled in 2023 alone. While this achievement highlights the program's immediate impact and the broader willingness among Tive's customer base to engage in more sustainable practices, it's only the tip of the iceberg–Tive aims to at least double the recycling rate of its trackers by the end of 2024. Tive's vision for a greener future in logistics is one where sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand and promise a brighter, cleaner future for all stakeholders.

How the Tracker Renewal Process Work

Below is a detailed breakdown of the renewal process central to Tive’s Green Program:

  • Step 1 – Returning Trackers: The process begins when Tive receives trackers that users have sent back through the Green Program. These are devices looking for a second life, ready to be renewed.
  • Step 2 – Inspection and Cleaning: Tive starts by checking each tracker for physical damage or defects, looking at the casing, buttons, and other parts. Then, Tive cleans them thoroughly to remove dirt or grime from their previous uses.
  • Step 3 – Charging and Firmware Update: Tive charges the trackers to ensure they have full power for the next steps. Tive also updates them to the latest firmware, ensuring they have the latest capabilities and features.
  • Step 4 – Quality Review: Each tracker undergoes a quality review by Tive to confirm it's in top-notch condition, testing to see if it works correctly and meets Tive's high standards. Trackers that don't make the cut are sustainably recycled, so they don't end up as waste.
  • Step 5 – Boxing and Stock Return: Tive boxes the renewed trackers and adds them back to its stock. They're now ready to be shipped out to customers, offering a sustainable and cost-effective tracking solution through the Green Program.

Watch the Process in Action

Tive’s Additional Contributions to Sustainability

While the innovative Green Program represents a relentless drive for eco-friendly innovations and strategic initiatives, Tive's path toward sustainability extends well beyond it.

Beyond “Getting Green”: The Solo 5G Non-Lithium Tracker’s Other Sustainable Benefits

Beyond the Green Program's strides in sustainability, the Solo 5G Non-Lithium tracker stands out as a standalone product spearheading eco-friendly innovation in logistics. As the market's first non-lithium 5G tracker, this device is tailor-made for both air and short-distance shipments. It features a rechargeable Nickel (NiMH) battery, sidestepping the need for special air transport permits. But it doesn't stop there: the tracker has a suite of monitoring capabilities, tracking temperature, humidity, light, and shock, all housed within a robust, flame-retardant plastic shell boasting an IP67 rating for water resistance. This leap forward minimizes the ecological footprint of lithium batteries while bolstering supply chain safety and efficiency from end to end.

Empowering Sustainable Supply Chains through Real-Time Visibility

Another cornerstone of Tive’s sustainability efforts is its focus on real-time visibility to achieve Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals within the supply chain. Despite 77% of supply chain decision-makers understanding the critical role of tracking technologies, only a quarter have implemented them to date. Tive's solutions aim to close this gap, offering tools that provide transparency across transportation, manufacturing, and storage, identify inefficiencies, and reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, Tive stresses the importance of responsible supply chains by offering end-to-end transparency to align with the values of sustainability-conscious consumers.

Tive Leads the Green Revolution in Logistics

Tive is at the forefront of merging environmental responsibility with logistical excellence. With innovative solutions like the Solo 5G Non-Lithium tracker and the  Green Program, Tive demonstrates how sustainability can enhance the logistics industry. The Green Program has already shown significant success, and alongside Tive's commitment to real-time visibility, it helps achieve ESG goals for more sustainable, efficient, and transparent supply chains.

Looking forward, the need for green logistics grows increasingly urgent. For more information on Tive’s sustainability practices and other services, explore the Green Program and contact Tive directly. Let's make a collective impact, one tracker at a time.

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