The State of Visibility 2023

77% of supply chain decision-makers state that real-time visibility is a must-have—and yet, only 25% use it

The time for end-to-end shipment visibility is now. Industry leaders face pressure from shippers and retailers alike to improve transparency and traceability to help ensure resilience, meet sustainability goals, and provide superior customer service. 

Yet while real-time visibility solutions help make this goal a reality—recent survey data (from over 260 respondents in supply chain and logistics!) reveals that there is still a significant gap in adoption and usage.

Tive’s “The State of Visibility 2023” survey report examines the current state of supply chain visibility—with the goal of helping decision makers assess the current market and identify the technologies they need to meet these requirements.

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Key Findings:

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  • Only 25% of respondents use trackers for real-time shipment visibility—exposing a gap in technology adoption
  • 46% of respondents said “visibility as a service” is mandatory for a majority of their customers
  • Lack of visibility during transit was identified as a key issue—particularly in road, ocean, and rail transportation
  • Real-time visibility solutions need to improve—with a focus on ease of use, consistency, and sustainability

The State of Visibility 2023