Digitizing the Dinner Plate

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Food Traceability & End-to-End Real-Time Shipment Visibility

A Deep Dive from Tive & GS1

Imagine if every bite of your dinner told a story—a transparent, totally traceable tale from farm to fork.

As it happens, the food industry is already sprinting toward this reality. Food shippers and retailers are not just adopting cool gadgets—they are helping reinvent the food supply chain as they tackle pressing demands for more transparency and stringent safety measures.

Yet despite its potential, digital transformation presents challenges. This informative white paper from Tive—with contributions from GS1, information standards organization and UPC barcode pioneer—aims to make sense of these issues while exploring solutions for creating a safer, more efficient, transparent food supply chain.

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Key Findings:

  • The benefits and impact of digital transformation
  • The importance of integration
  • How to overcome implementation challenges
  • Why educating stakeholders & getting buy in is critical to success
Digitizing the Dinner Plate