Transporting Tomorrow's Pharmaceuticals & Biologics Requires a Real-Time Solution

Specialty logistics—for shipping cell and gene therapies, clinical trial shipments, and other highly-sensitive materials—is a delicate art, requiring the highest levels of security and protection.

To rise above the threats of loss, theft, and damage to tomorrow’s cutting-edge treatments, LSPs must move beyond yesterday’s tracking technology.

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Specialty logistics provider Biocair relies on real-time visibility to monitor critical CGT shipments with total accuracy. With advanced tracking technology, Biocair can ensure the integrity of shipments, pinpoint ETA, analyze and improve shipping operations, and provide the best possible service to its specialty clients

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Healthcare Distribution Alliance: “There Simply Isn’t Any Acceptable Excuse for Not Using Some Form of Shipment Tracking Technology Today”

December 6, 2023

A prominent leader from the Healthcare Distribution Alliance had a bold statement for attendees of the Transported Asset Protection Alliance 2023 Annual Conference, stressing the critical importance of moving from passive data logging to real-time visibility to face today’s supply chain challenges.

Leading specialty LSPs around the world trust Tive to protect their clients’ critical life science shipments.

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Leading electronics shippers & logistics providers rely on Tive for real-time shipment visibility:

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Gain Validated, Real-Time Visibility Across Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Supply Chains

To reduce excursions and assure product quality—from point of origin to point of use—you need real-time visibility and actionable insights into all of your pharmaceutical and life science shipments.

As a complete cold chain solution, Tive provides validated, real-time visibility into these critical shipments.

Real-Time Location & Temperature Data

Tive’s hyper-accurate, multi-sensor Solo 5G trackers capture and transmit shipment location and temperature data in real time.

The Tive cloud platform delivers excursion alerts for quick intervention, and provides actionable insights to help you identify supply chain improvements.

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A Complete Cold Chain Solution

Tive’s solution covers the full range of temperatures to support cold chain requirements—including dry ice and cryogenic shipments.

Solo 5G trackers are available in both lithium-powered and non-lithium versions, supporting temperatures as low as -200 C.

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Tive Solo 5G Tracker

24/7 Live Monitoring Services

Bolster your operations and ensure round-the-clock shipment protection with the help of Tive’s 24/7 Live Monitoring services.

Tive’s Live Monitoring team can actively monitor and manage your clients’ shipments, working directly with carriers to address shipment issues and prevent delays, damage, and theft.

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Pharma Compliance

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliance: Ensures electronic records can be trusted in the same way as handwritten records.

3-Point NIST® traceable Certificate of Calibration included with every Tive tracker: Tive Solo 5G trackers and probes are fully calibrated by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

GxP-compliant: Tive’s solution follows the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All the components (hardware and software) are developed and tested following the Good Automated Manufacturing Practice 5 (GAMP 5) model.

Award-winning technology, designed for life sciences

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"Easy One Way Tracking with all the Right Metrics"

“No downsides. If you are looking for a supply chain condition tracker this is the best in the game.”

-Miguel T., Process Engineer
Logistics Manager

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