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18 Reasons Why Real-Time Visibility & Tracking Made the FreightTech25

December 6, 2022

April 29, 2024


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When Tive landed at No. 18 on the FreightWaves FreightTech 25 list for 2023, it merely confirmed what the industry already knew: the Boston-based provider of global visibility solutions is one of the most innovative and disruptive companies in the freight tech space.

Now in its fifth year, the annual rankings published by FreightWaves reflect the growing trends within the freight tech industry. This latest list confirms the ongoing push that real-time visibility and tracking continues to be a top priority among shippers, freight forwarders, logistics service providers, and carriers—across all modes of transportation.

This article examines why visibility companies like Tive are getting due recognition on the FreightTech 25—and specifically, why Tive appeared on the prestigious list for the first time.

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FreightTech 25: Visibility & Tracking Companies Honored  

Visibility solutions providers have been represented on the FreightTech 25 honor roll since its inception in 2015. However, the latest list— with project44 taking the top spot the list for the second year in a row and FourKites checking in at No. 5—underscores not only the growth of those companies but the industry’s high regard for the solutions they’re bringing to a world that demands better shipping insights and faster deliveries.  

“You think about when we started this back in 2018. Companies like FourKites and project44 were much smaller, and we’ve seen them actually ascend to the top of the rankings the past couple of years,” FreightWaves founder and CEO Craig Fuller said in announcing the 2023 FreightTech 25 on November 3, 2022.

FourKites, project44, and Samsara—a leading provider of ELD integration for visibility—were among 15 mainstays to appear on the 2023 FreightTech 25. Tive was one of ten first-time honorees.

18 Reasons Why Visibility & Tracking Made the FreighTech 25

Like the rising tide that lifts all ships, visibility solutions providers constantly innovate to help supply chain and logistics providers solve the challenges they face in a competitive environment. Let’s look at why there’s an insatiable demand for more visibility, better collaboration, and streamlined interoperability among all supply chain stakeholders.

13 Reasons why Visibility is Vital

  1. Cargo theft continues to rise as thieves targeted trucks in two thirds of reported cargo theft in 2021 (BSI Supply Chain Insights Report)
  2. Customer & consumer expectations are high as not only do people want to know when a shipment will arrive, but they also want to watch its progress at every step.
  3. Visibility solves gaps in ocean shipping/drayage, and an effective logistics tech stack helps coordinate schedules and workforce to efficiently move cargo from ships to temporary storage to trucks destinated for inland fulfillment centers.
  4. Increasing freight costs mean optimizing routes and operational efficiency will remain a top priority.
  5. The rising push to go more intermodal carries more risk; freight-level visibility helps de-risk intermodal shipping, especially with cross-border cargo.
  6. End-to-end visibility helps mitigate disruptions and improve exception management.
  7. Enabling agility with real-time transportation visibility is a key to building supply chain resilience
  8. Increasing speed in response time with configurable real-time alerts helps stakeholders begin risk mitigation efforts sooner.
  9. Meeting customer demands in an increasingly ecommerce-driven economy with improved communication builds solid customer relationships. 
  10. Data-driven results empower stakeholders to make informed decisions with confidence.
  11. Hyper-accurate information on the location and movement of shipments reduces costs associated with delays and chargebacks.
  12. Improvement of worker efficiency and productivity through automating manual tracking tasks and reallocating staffing to duties that help grow the business.
  13. Automating the tracking process across all transportation parties saves valuable time.

5 Reasons Tive Made the FreightTech 25 List

Tive’s inclusion in the prestigious 2023 FreightTech 25 list validates and rewards the company’s efforts to develop its hyper-accurate Solo 5G trackers and cloud-based application to capture and transmit real-time shipment data. Here are five reasons why Tive made the FreightTech 25:

  1. The world’s first non-lithium tracker, the Tive Solo 5G, is approved by 130+ air carriers.
  2. Tive’s visibility solution is ultra collaborative, enabling users to easily define custom user roles so stakeholders can view and share real-time shipment data across various platforms (WMS, TMS, ERP, CRM, etc.).
  3. 80% of shippers demand greater visibility (Tive 2022 Market Survey Report).
  4. Tive technology provides worldwide coverage in all cellular connection markets.
  5. Shippers gain real-time visibility into a shipment’s location, temperature, and condition—24/7/365.

The Quest for Real-Time Visibility & Tracking is Neverending

“We’re extremely proud to be recognized by freight industry leaders for our end-to-end visibility solutions,” Tive founder and CEO Krenar Komoni said. “We will continue to innovate and disrupt to further evolve real-time shipment visibility—and give shippers the tools they need to succeed.”

Contact us today to learn more about Tive’s industry-leading Solo 5G trackers and end-to-end visibility solution.

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