Week in Review: From Oakland's Streets to Rotterdam's Ports—A Global Perspective on Safety and Supply Chains

February 20, 2024

February 26, 2024


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As dawn breaks over the streets of Oakland and stretches across the globe to the cold storage facilities of Rotterdam, a series of bold moves and strategic investments are reshaping logistics, food security, and global commerce as we know it. This week’s newsletter unpacks the latest supply chain dynamics, from Governor Gavin Newsom's significant boost in law enforcement in Oakland to the USDA's injection of millions into the food supply chain and beyond. We'll take you from the strategic ports of Europe to the operating rooms of Québec, concluding with a spotlight on our very own CEO, Krenar Komoni, earning the distinguished honor of being named a 2024 "Rock Star of the Supply Chain" by Food Logistics. Let’s begin!

Strengthening Oakland's Security: A Strategic Deployment

In a bold move to curb the surge in violent crime and cargo theft, Governor Gavin Newsom has significantly increased law enforcement presence in Oakland by deploying 120 additional California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers, a nearly 900% boost in CHP personnel. Part of the reason why? To combat cargo theft.

Targeting Cargo Theft & Violent Crime

The enhanced operation leverages a comprehensive strategy, employing advanced investigative technology and specialized units, including K9 and air support. With a focus on high-visibility enforcement and the use of license plate reader technology, this initiative aims to tackle the city's escalating cargo theft, carjackings, and other forms of violent crime.

Community Responses & Expectations

The deployment has sparked diverse reactions among Oakland residents and activists. While some view the increased police presence as a necessary measure to deter crime and restore order, others fear it may lead to more police violence and unnecessary confrontations. This initiative reflects a broader debate on policing strategies and the quest for a balanced approach to public safety. Still, for now, the real focus is how this will impact cargo theft,  local businesses, and community well-being.

USDA's Strategic Investment in Food Supply Chain Resilience: The Latest

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) continues pumping money into the food supply chain, with the latest figures revealing an astounding $270 million+ dedicated to strengthening the food supply chain's middle segment.

Boosting Supply Chain Infrastructure

Through the Resilient Food Systems Infrastructure Program, the USDA has partnered with state agriculture departments, allocating funds to reinforce supply chain infrastructure. This initiative aims to bolster the resilience of food systems, maintain steady access to fresh, locally produced food for consumers, and simultaneously open up new, improved market opportunities for small and mid-sized producers.

Expanding Access & Opportunities

With Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Utah, and West Virginia joining 28 other states, the program's reach extends further, inviting applications for grants that support supply chain projects. This vast investment highlights a commitment to not just enhancing consumer access to quality food but also to uplifting producers and rural communities by diversifying their market avenues.

Rotterdam: Pioneering Growth in European Cold Chain Logistics

The cold chain logistics sector is on an impressive growth trajectory, with its market value expected to swell from $292.89 billion in 2022 to $410.79 billion by 2028, spurred by the e-commerce boom. Yet, due to warehouse capacity challenges, Europe needs to catch up with much of the world. That’s where Rotterdam could come into play.

Addressing Europe's Cold Storage Challenge

Forecasts point to the European cold chain logistics expanding from $97.79 billion in 2023 to $113.8 billion by 2025. Yet it trails behind the US, China, and India regarding refrigerated warehouse space. With sectors like fresh food, healthcare, and biopharma driving increased demand for cold chain management, it emphasizes the importance of developing efficient storage facilities near ports and markets to simplify supply chains.

Rotterdam's Strategic Advantage

Rotterdam, hosting Europe's largest container port, is at the forefront of redefining European cold chain logistics. The Port of Rotterdam's vast intermodal network offers unparalleled access to the continent, making it an ideal hub for businesses aiming to reach broader markets quickly and efficiently. Highlighting this strategic advantage, Maersk's recent investment in a new, renewable energy-powered cold store facility within the Port of Rotterdam emphasizes the city's critical role in enhancing Europe's cold chain logistics, including comprehensive services like customs, contamination checks, and repackaging.

Addressing Québec's Oxygenator Shortage in Heart Surgeries

Québec is currently confronting a critical shortage of oxygenators—vital for patient oxygen delivery during heart surgeries. With such a shortage in the medical supply chain, these critical procedures face potentially life-threatening delays.

Strategic Response to Equipment Shortage

In the face of these shortages, Québec's healthcare system has adopted a contingency plan, emphasizing equipment sharing among cardiac centers to ensure continued patient care. This temporary strategy aims to mitigate the immediate impact of the shortage, allowing for the prioritization of urgent surgeries.

Suppliers & Future Projections

The shortage, attributed to manufacturing disruptions at Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation since February 2023 and a product recall by Maquet Cardiopulmonary GmbH, has led to reduced supplies. However, Health Canada anticipates a resolution by April, signaling a hopeful return to normalcy in providing essential surgical equipment.

Highlighting Innovation: Tive CEO Recognized as a Supply Chain “Rock Star”  

Finally, we wanted to take the time to wrap up this newsletter by congratulating Tive's CEO, Krenar Komoni, on being named a 2024 "Rock Star of the Supply Chain" by Food Logistics. We’ve always considered Krenar a rock star, and this public nod confirms it to the world.

Transforming Cold Chain Management

Guided by Komoni's forward-looking approach, Tive has become a true innovator in cold chain management. With cutting-edge shipment trackers, Tive delivers essential real-time information on shipments, including their temperature, location, and condition. This technology tackles the significant challenge of food waste—where around 2.5 billion tons of food are lost or wasted annually—while improving supply chain efficiency and sustainability. Tive's breakthroughs in 2023 led to 50% revenue growth, nearly 300 new customers, and the landmark sale of its one-millionth tracker.

Recognition of Commitment and Impact

Komoni's award also reflects Tive's unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence in supply chain logistics. Gathering over one billion data points, Tive has markedly reduced waste and improved the security and efficiency of global supply chains. Moreover, this accolade emphasizes the importance of visionary leadership and Tive's critical role in enhancing the strength and sustainability of cold chain logistics worldwide.

Pioneering the Future of Global Supply Chains with Tive’s Innovations

This week's stories highlight the critical need for fresh, intelligent solutions in combating cargo theft, bolstering food supply chains, and optimizing cold chain logistics. At the forefront of this innovative push is Tive, deploying cutting-edge technologies that directly address these challenges. The accolade of our CEO, Krenar Komoni, being named a supply chain "rock star" stresses the significant impact and importance of Tive's contributions to shaping a better global logistics future:

  • Trackers: Revolutionize your shipment tracking with Tive's advanced Solo 5G trackers, offering real-time location and condition monitoring to ensure the security and integrity of your cargo.
  • Tive Tag: Enhance perishable shipment protection with Tive Tag—an affordable and reusable paper-thin temperature logger—to verify that your goods have remained pristine throughout transit.
  • Platform: Streamline your supply chain management with Tive's intuitive cloud platform, offering comprehensive visibility, analytics, and integration capabilities for seamless shipment tracking and monitoring.
  • Industries: Tive caters to a diverse range of industries, ensuring tailored solutions for unique supply chain challenges—from perishables to high-value goods to transportation and logistics to pharmaceuticals…and beyond.
  • 24/7 Live Monitoring team: This team is available to help ensure that your shipments are constantly watched over and managed—to guarantee timely and secure delivery.

Arm yourself with innovation: let Tive lead the way in transforming your supply chain operations. Embrace the future of logistics–get started with Tive today.

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