Cell and Gene Therapy: Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions

Temperature technologies help keep cells—and the patients who rely on them—alive.

Cell and gene therapy shipments often travel long distances—from the patient to the lab, and then from the lab back to the patient—and many of these precious loads require cryogenic temperatures hundreds of degrees below zero. These shipments require unique packaging, temperature, and tracking approaches—as well as tight collaboration among supply chain stakeholders.

This free SupplyChainBrain special report—“Cell and Gene Therapy: Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions”—discusses the importance of using technology to track and monitor these life-saving shipments.

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Key Takeaways

Learn more about how technology:

  • Provides complete shipment visibility and enables users to better pinpoint estimated times of arrival (ETAs)
  • Tracks and reports on shipments with total accuracy, including geofencing to alert users about route deviations
  • Empowers stakeholders to analyze supply chain performance, address root cause of issues, and improve future shipments
  • Analyzes carrier performance to optimize specific traffic lanes—to mitigate problems by understanding how shipments were handled at different sites

Cell and Gene Therapy: Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions