Managing Inventory with Visibility Solutions

With inventories surging, it is more important than ever for companies to hone in on their inventory management strategies. While visibility is often seen simply as a transportation planning and accountability tool, it is also a necessary part of a solid inventory management plan. In order to keep levels stable, companies need to know when shipments will be arriving at their warehouses AND in what condition to expect them. 

Produced in partnership with FreightWaves, the data in this report (produced from survey data from a mix of logistics industry stakeholders) helps shine light on how companies are adopting visibility solutions to help manage their inventory levels during this post-pandemic surge of demand.

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Key Findings:

  • While a majority of respondents (80%) reported using some type of visibility solution for shipments moved over the road, visibility lags behind in non-road modes.

  • Location tracking is not the only benefit of a full visibility solution; a large proportion of respondents also reported a need to monitor other conditions such as temperature, light, humidity, and shock.

  • Inventory levels are expected to remain high over the next 12 months - just 5% of respondents believe they will decrease significantly.

Managing Inventory with Visibility Solutions