Preparing for Peak Season with Logistics Visibility

Peak season in logistics means tighter capacity, more opportunities for things to go wrong, and much more at stake if they do. To succeed in peak season requires comprehensive planning and disciplined execution—whether for the winter holidays, late-summer harvest, or spring fashion season. 

Organizations used to be able to rely on sales trends and other historical data during peak season planning… and then COVID-19 wrecked the equation, making the past an unreliable indicator of what to expect. As a result, leading businesses and their logistics partners are changing how they plan for and respond to the intensity of peak season.

While historical data is no longer as useful as it once was, real-time visibility is more available than ever. This playbook lays out three strategic considerations for integrating real-time data into logistics operations—ahead of peak season.

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Key Findings:

  • Identify which key data really matters—and make sure you have all the relevant data and analytics that facilitate more accurate decision making
  • Use comprehensive preparation to successfully map each season’s playing field, so you're ready no matter what
  • Use predictive analytics and be prepared to react—to fix issues as they occur
  • Manage inventory so you always have the exactly what you need in stock
Preparing for Peak Season with Logistics Visibility