Read Now: The Next Wave of Supply Chain Innovation

Today’s global supply chains face a mountain of obstacles, including an all-time high in cargo theft and the intricate demands of cold chain management. In an era of rapid change and deep uncertainty, simply keeping pace is not enough.

A new report from Tive, “The Next Wave of Supply Chain Innovation,” explores emerging technologies, examines the pivotal role of Decision Intelligence (DI), spotlights strategies for building resilience, and provides a blueprint for building a robust, agile, and cost-efficient supply chain.

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Key Findings:

We take a deep dive into the following:

  • Factors contributing to the insane growth of cargo theft and fraud
  • Technological innovations, such as enhanced security and advances in cold chain management
  • Strategies for reducing costs while improving efficiency, such as automation, labor efficiency, and strategic partnerships
  • Five key actions you can take to build a resilient supply chain
Read Now: The Next Wave of Supply Chain Innovation