Reduce Intermodal Shipping Risk with Real-Time Visibility

It’s a known fact: intermodal shipping is more energy efficient than long-haul trucking—and is the clear winner for reducing both carbon footprint and long-distance shipping costs. But sustainability is not the only factor to consider when choosing a mode of freight transport. Transit time, flexibility, security, and logistical complexity also factor into your decision.

This new playbook from Tive and Supply Chain Dive explores the factors that have shifted operations in favor of intermodal shipping—and how today’s real-time visibility technology helps logistics leaders reduce risk and assure reliability when shipping intermodal.

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Key Findings:

Download this playbook today to learn how real-time visibility tech:

  • Improves shipment transit predictability and service: by enabling more accurate ETAs
  • Reduces risk of product damage: by empowering you to step in and stop problems before they result in loss
  • Minimizes the risk of theft with real-time alerts: empowering you to intervene when a security issue is present
  • Eases load shifting: by using real-time data to more effectively respond to changes or unexpected delays
Reduce Intermodal Shipping Risk with Real-Time Visibility