Shipment Visibility Expectations Aren't What You Think

“Visibility” is more than just a red hot industry buzzword.

Visibility technology companies – including project44, FourKites and Tive– have all received funding boosts and participated in successful acquisitions in recent months. A push for visibility is a push for transparency, and in today’s supply chain, transparency is more important than ever.

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Key Findings:

  • Shippers and non-shippers alike appear to value the same things in a visibility solution.
  • Shippers are expected to upgrade their offerings and seek out in-transit visibility partners at higher rates in the new future as a means of responding to industry pressure and keeping up with technological advancements
  • Shippers’ relative rigidity may contribute to their overall hesitancy to leave their tried and true visibility tactics behind and adopt a more radical full-service visibility solution.
Shipment Visibility Expectations Aren't What You Think