Survey Report: Food Shippers Guide to Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Results reveal top supply chain challenges & positive impacts of technology investments

Monitoring your food supply chain—from farm to fork—is critical to the success of any food shipper and their providers. Monitoring in-transit temperature and location reduces excursions, ensures product quality, and improves on-time and in-full deliveries. But why is end-to-end, real-time visibility the holy grail for the modern food shipper of today?

In this revealing report, “Food Shipper’s Guide to Supply Chain Digital Transformation,” Food Shippers of America partnered with Tive to produce original research based upon responses, experiences, and best practices by more than 100 food shippers and logistics providers. The survey results—supplemented with in-depth insights from industry subject matter experts—reveal where food logistics leaders are prioritizing their digital transformation investments, and which supply chain challenges are top of mind today.

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Key Findings:

  • 72% of all survey participants claim they have a real-time visibility solution, yet 52% of shippers report that they rely on shipment temperature information reporting from their carriers or 3PLs
  • 38% of respondents indicated that freight marketing fluctuations/rising costs are a top food supply chain challenge 
  • 74% stated that supply chain/shipment visibility is an area in which they currently are investing in new technology to drive transformation
Survey Report: Food Shippers Guide to Supply Chain Digital Transformation