The LogiPharma 2024 Playbook

Even in the face of disruptions and uncertainty, the life sciences supply chain continues to expand and evolve. WBR Insights surveyed 150 supply chain leaders in an effort to unpack the top challenges currently impacting organizations—and the LogiPharma 2024 Playbook highlights the innovative solutions they bring to the table.

The life science supply chain is undergoing pivotal change—and is gearing up against volatility—and supply chain leaders are at the forefront of driving this evolution.

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Key Findings:

  • 57% of supply chain leaders are prioritizing improving supply chain capabilities
  • 43% view supporting corporate sustainability initiatives as the top benefit of transportation data analysis
  • 66% of respondents expect to face challenges surrounding radically new supply chain models as next-gen gene-based therapy scales up
The LogiPharma 2024 Playbook