BOA Logistics: Ensuring Major Grocers Receive Fresh Shipments

April 29, 2024


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Staying Cool: Tive Trackers Ensure Major Grocers Receive  Fresh Shipments

Major grocers and brands like Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Costco, Safeway, and Sysco Foods depend on BOA to consolidate and ship food items to their target locations across the country.

Keeping Perishables Fresh

BOA Logistics transports a wide variety of commodities - like meats, dairy products, and frozen items – these goods must be kept between 33 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire shipment. Because receivers will accept only a very small range of temperature fluctuation, it is imperative for BOA to maintain the correct temperatures on its perishable shipments in order to avoid rejection.

"When we first deployed Tive, it was already integrated with our 3PL Systems transportation management system (TMS). This integration between Tive and our TMS makes it very easy to download data. Anyone here at BOA can simply open our TMS, go to a specific load, and then click on a hyperlink where they can see the Tive location and temperature data, as well as timestamp.

Tive gives us peace of mind. Our customers want to know exactly where our freight is and what the temperature is. We can download the Tive logs to check transit status and temperature records. Tive also cuts down on phone calls to drivers because we can visually see shipment location and status.” – VINCENT RIVALT, LOGISTICS SPECIALIST, BOA

Flexibility is Everything

Vincent Rivalt and his colleagues on the operations team are tasked with ensuring that shipments arrive at their destinations on time and in good condition. Rivalt decided to trial the Tive sensors as a backup system for Logica, BOA’s sister company, on its trailers.

Location and Temperature Are Just the Beginning

As Rivait explains, Tive gives BOA the opportunity to monitor outsourced carriers closely on the Tive software platform, which has allowed them to easily view:

  • Refrigerated unit temperature and humidity
  • Shipment location origin
  • Truck stop delays or long breaks
  • Verify on-site delivery time
  • Pair weather data with Tive temperature and GPS
    data to make instantaneous reroute decisions
  • Light sensor senses when trailer doors were
    opened or closed.
  • Truck acceleration and speed

In addition to access to multi-variable tracking, Tive’s customer service was a huge selling point for BOA.

"The Tive support staff have been extremely helpful. They are all here to help, and that’s a big selling point for BOALogistics,. With Tive trackers installed on 100 percent of our out-sourced carriers, the company is completely comfortable using Tive.” – VINCENT RIVALT, LOGISTICS SPECIALIST, BOA