Solo 5G Tracker

World's first single-use multi-sensor tracker provides real-time visibility into the location, temperature, humidity, shock, and light of your goods in-transit, at the item-level, from end to end.

Tive Solo 5G Tracker


GPS, WiFi, and cell tower triangulation provide accurate real-time location data.

Shipment Integrity

Shock sensors indicate whether the shipment has experienced any form of damage.


Temperature and humidity sensors provide insight into your shipment’s environment.

Astounding battery life

A combination of innovative hardware design, cutting edge firmware, and integration of cloud computing delivers the world’s longest lasting 5G tracker.

Going Solo

Eliminate Return Logistics
Say goodbye to complicated return logistics operations. The Tive Solo 5G can be used as a single-use tracker, so it’s perfect for last-mile deliveries where collecting and returning trackers poses a challenge.Committed to


In cases where tracker return is possible, Tive offers a rebate program that encourages and rewards the return of single-use trackers to Tive for recycling.

Monitor at Item-Level

Get real-time visibility into every package in your consignment, at a fraction of the cost. Beacons report temperature and proximity to a parent tracker, which then transmits that data for the whole shipment.

Tech Specs

  • Condition Sensors Temperature Light Shock Humidity

  • Shock Sensitivity 12G

  • Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C

  • Temperature Range -20°C TO 60°C

  • Location Technology Cellular WiFi GPS

  • Location Accuracy: ±10m

  • Lithium OR Non-Lithium

  • Tive Solo 5G Tracker
  • SingleAND Multi-use

  • Battery Life 100+ days

  • Measure Frequency 2+ min

  • Supported Modes Road Ocean Air Rail

  • Air Carriers 60+

  • Water ResistanceIP67

  • Small but powerful

    Tracker device size 96 x 58 x 19mm
  • Connectivity 2G to 5G

  • Global Coverage 95%

How Does Tive Compare?


    Passive temperature loggers are a useful low-cost option for meeting regulatory requirements, but they lack real-time connectivity and don’t track location.


    GPS trackers are often used for one-off high-value shipments, but their low battery life and high price tag limit their scalability for broad supply chain applications.


    Sensors that rely on a local hub or gateway to transmit data require the installation of a hub/gateway device on the vehicle, which is not an option for most shippers.


    Tive offers a comprehensive supply chain visibility solution with real-time tracking, long battery life, and no expensive infrastructure needs.


  • CE Certification
  • FC Certification
  • PTCRB Certification
  • UN38.3 Certification