Solo 5G Tracker

World's first single-use multi-sensor tracker provides real-time visibility into the location, temperature, humidity, shock, and light of your goods in-transit, at the item-level, from end to end.

Tive Solo 5G Tracker
Tive - Location


GPS, WiFi, and cell tower triangulation provide accurate real-time location data.

Shipment Integrity

Shock sensors indicate whether the shipment has experienced any form of damage.

Tive - Shipment Integrity
Tive - Climate


Temperature and humidity sensors provide insight into your shipment’s environment.

Astounding battery life

A combination of innovative hardware design, cutting edge firmware, and integration of cloud computing delivers the world’s longest lasting 5G tracker.

Tive - Climate
Tive - Going Solo

Going Solo

Eliminate Return Logistics
Say goodbye to complicated return logistics operations. The Tive Solo 5G can be used as a single-use tracker, so it’s perfect for last-mile deliveries where collecting and returning trackers poses a challenge.Committed to


In cases where tracker return is possible, Tive offers a rebate program that encourages and rewards the return of single-use trackers to Tive for recycling.

Monitor at Item-Level

Get real-time visibility into every package in your consignment, at a fraction of the cost. Beacons report temperature and proximity to a parent tracker, which then transmits that data for the whole shipment.

Tive - Monitor at Item-Level

Tech Specs

  • Condition Sensors Temperature Light Shock Humidity

  • Shock Sensitivity 12G

  • Temperature Accuracy ±0.5°C

  • Temperature Range -20°C TO 60°C

  • Location Technology Cellular WiFi GPS

  • Location Accuracy: ±10m

  • Lithium OR Non-Lithium

  • Tive Solo 5G Tracker
  • SingleAND Multi-use

  • Battery Life 100+ days

  • Measure Frequency 2+ min

  • Supported Modes Road Ocean Air Rail

  • Air Carriers 60+

  • Water ResistanceIP67

  • Small but powerful

    Tracker device size 96 x 58 x 19mm
  • Connectivity 2G to 5G

  • Global Coverage 95%

How Does Tive Compare?


    Passive temperature loggers are a useful low-cost option for meeting regulatory requirements, but they lack real-time connectivity and don’t track location.


    GPS trackers are often used for one-off high-value shipments, but their low battery life and high price tag limit their scalability for broad supply chain applications.


    Sensors that rely on a local hub or gateway to transmit data require the installation of a hub/gateway device on the vehicle, which is not an option for most shippers.


    Tive offers a comprehensive supply chain visibility solution with real-time tracking, long battery life, and no expensive infrastructure needs.


  • CE Certification
  • FC Certification
  • PTCRB Certification
  • UN38.3 Certification