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August 4, 2022


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DSV is a transport and logistics company Headquartered in Denmark offering transport services globally by road, air, sea and rail. DSV provides managed supply chain solutions for thousands of companies every day – from small family-run businesses to large global corporations. Their reach is global, yet their presence is local and close to their customers. DSV has over 56,000 employees in more than 80 countries who work passionately to deliver excellent customer experiences and high-quality service through 1,300+ offices and
logistics facilities.

The Challenge

DSV continues to expand their supply chain tracking solution for its transport services. To build this out, they looked for a solid multi-sensor tracker solution that can equip DSV with tracking devices and software, including API access. DSV wanted to provide better shipment visibility to its clients with the ability to tag and trace shipments. They evaluated hardware and software that integrated with their core business and systems and could answer client inquiries of real- time location and condition of shipments. They also needed a device that could withstand a variety of temperatures, altitudes and modes of transport.

The Solution

DSV started with small pilots and integrations with Tive, testing how well Tive solutions incorporated into their systems. Tive was able to integrate smoothly into DSV’s backend system via API. Tive’s flexibility in modes by region also fits all of DSV’s multi-modal requirements. DSV was able to provide visibility into air, train, truck and ocean shipments. This flexibility became a crucial point in why the integrations worked so well. DSV started to deploy shipments with the option to add track and trace
functionality. With Tive, DSV offers a standard solution to customers for complete visibility. Tive enables DSV customers to view shipment location and condition — including temperature, humidity, light and shock. The system is live and integrated into the DSV platform. Tive’s solution helps
DSV customers track high-value cargo, medical and pharma systems, security, silk roads and more.

Tive’s leading competitive advantage includes the World’s first real-time 5G non-Lithium tracker. These advanced devices allow DSV to offer their customers a full range of visibility and tracking.

Time To Market

Winter 2020

Tive introduced to DSV for a project to integrate tracking solutions into DSV operations.

Summer 2020

DSV planned and approved the overall approach and proof of concept.

Fall 2020

Pilot launched and delivered positive results.


Both companies entered into a contract to begin scaling the DSV solution.

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