WATCH: Port Congestion - Preventing Future Crises with Real-Time Visibility

Port congestion is a hot topic in logistics and the supply chain, and for good reason - with huge consumer demand and e-commerce at an all-time high, huge spikes in U.S. imports have led to severe backups at West Coast ports. But on top of the obvious, there are hidden factors at play that contribute to the port congestion crisis.

In this 18-minute Freightwaves webinar, Tive founder and CEO Krenar Komoni covers:

• Why a lack of visibility contributes to port congestion
• The current state of visibility in maritime shipping, and where the biggest gaps lie
• Why real-time visibility is key to easing port congestion and avoiding future backups
• How data collaboration can solve for visibility gaps with ocean shipping and create an efficient, more transparent supply chain
• Current technological solutions for marine shipment visibility, and advancements to expect in the near future

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