New Survey Results: 75% of Food Shipping Leaders Are Investing in Visibility Tech to Enhance Compliance, Security & Customer Satisfaction


Know where your valuable shipments are.
Analyze what condition they are in.
Take action in real time.

Because every shipment matters.

The choice for the world's leading companies

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It starts with the push of a button.

Get hyper-accurate location in real-time with cellular, GPS, and WiFi.

Receive real-time alerts on shipment conditions such as temperature, light, shock, and more.

View location and condition data for all shipments on Tive—or integrate into your systems.

1.4 Million
Trackers sold
3 Million+
Real-time alerts delivered

It starts with the push of a button

Receive hyper-accurate location in real-time with cellular, GPS, and WiFi

Get real-time alerts on shipment conditions such as temperature, humidity, shock, and light

View location and condition data for all shipments on Tive or integrate into your systems

To help save your shipments, Tive’s 24/7 Live Monitoring team collaborates with you and the carrier when there is an issue.

Being able to track packages and hold responsible parties accountable for lost/damaged goods has been beneficial. Our clients like to be able to track their freight often ground shipping that is not through a traditional mail shipment does not provide real-time tracking. Tive does.

Emily B.
Logistics Manager

We were having issues with shipments traveling from the US into Mexico. Our shipments were being damaged and/or covered in insects. Tive is helping us with this issue. We can now monitor where the trucks are, what the temperature is, and when the doors are opened on the trucks with the light feature. We get alerts on these parameters, which is very helpful. It demonstrates that we value our products/shipments and want to ensure they reach our customers intact and without any unnecessary damage.

Darcy F.
Director of Veterinary Services

Tive solves our biggest Problem as a Broker; We Can Throw a Tracker On a Pallet and Track it through to its final destination; it benefits us to know if our load is staying on track!

Tomas S.
Brokerage Dispatcher


May 16, 2024

Turning Insight into Action: Tracking Perishable Treats with Tive

Founded in 1942 and headquartered in Jalisco, Mexico—and powered by more than 2,500 employees — Dulces de la Rosa is a confectioner that focuses on quality, innovation, and taste… with a bit of fun added in a la Willy Wonka. "I have tested the Solo 5G across Mexico, USA, Europe, Central and South America—and doing so has convinced my team and me of its capabilities.”


April 29, 2024

Real-Time Visibility & Tracking: Your Best Defense Against Cargo Theft

Phalanx Logistics Solutions—founded in 2005 and based in Lakewood, Ohio—is the 3PL of choice for hundreds of shippers across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Phalanx leverages an extensive network of transportation solutions to ensure successful execution, provide solutions, and mitigate issues faced by every sector of transportation—simultaneously securing the lowest-cost options without sacrificing service.


April 29, 2024

Optimize Courier: Protecting Life-Saving BioPharma & Time-Critical Shipments

With more than four decades of experience, Optimize Courier is dedicated to the worldwide coordination and transportation of time-critical, expedited, and temperature-sensitive logistics. Because customers come to Optimize to gain a white-glove shipping experience from start to finish, the company wanted to be able to provide value-added, real-time location and temperature tracking. Enter Tive.

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