tive for RETAIL

Tive helps retail supply chain professionals actively manage shipments to ensure products arrive on time and in full.

Tive is designed for saving retail shipments.

Tive gets your high-value goods and perishables to market on time and in full. Real-time alerts for raw materials and finished products, including time-sensitive and temperature-sensitive materials. Eliminate theft, delays and damage. Maximize process yields and optimize supply chain performance.


Hyper-accurate shipment trackers capture and transmit shipment location and condition data in real time.

Tive Solo 5G

Single-Use Tracker

Tive Solo 5G

Performance Single-Use Tracker

Tive Solo

Single-Use Tracker

Tive Temperature Beacon

The application:

Delivers actionable real-time data on critical shipments, sends excursion alerts and provides insights to ensure shipments arrive on time and in full.

The Team:

Our logistics experts monitor shipments around the clock to ensure shipments are not delayed or damaged.

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