tive for RETAIL

Actively manage shipments & assure that products arrive on time and in full.

Start saving retail shipments today.

Tive gets your high-value goods and perishables to market—on time and in full. Real-time alerts help you spot problems in real-time—to reduce instances of theft, delays, and damage. Let us help you maximize process yields and optimize your supply chain performance.

The Trackers

Hyper-accurate shipment trackers capture and transmit shipment location and condition data in real time.

Tive Solo 5G

Single-Use Tracker

Tive Solo 5G

Performance Single-Use Tracker

Tive Solo

Single-Use Tracker

Tive Temperature Beacon

The Application

The Tive cloud-based application delivers actionable real-time data on critical shipments, sends excursion alerts, and provides insights to assure that shipments arrive on time and in full.

The Team

Our team of 24/7 Live Monitoring logistics experts are available to manage shipments around the clock—reducing the likelihood of damaged or delayed shipments.

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