Assure quality, reduce rejected loads, and stay compliant by mastering the cold chain.

A lot can happen from farm to fork—and shippers of perishable foods need to navigate the challenges of today’s supply chain.

5 Benefits of In-Transit Temperature Monitoring

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Shipping perishable foods presents a unique set of challenges:

Lack of in-transit visibility

Food’s journey—from farms and production facilities to restaurants and retail shelves—can be full of black holes: shippers lack a clear, real-time picture of their freight’s location and condition, leading to delays and lost shipments.

Critical Challenges in Fresh Grocery Supply Chains

Spoilage and food waste

Almost 70% of food waste occurs before it reaches retailers or consumers, according to the USDA. Unexpected delays or temperature excursions in transit often result in costly rejections—or even entirely spoiled loads that end up in landfills.

How to Implement Real-Time Tracking of Valuable Perishables Shipments

Quick access to traceability data

Standards for traceability and food safety grow stricter every day, and digitally tracking key events is critical. A lack of in-transit temperature insights, tedious manual record-keeping processes, and disorganized data can make it difficult for food shippers to stay compliant.

How End-to-End Transportation Visibility Helps Shippers Meet FDA Perishable Traceability Requirements & Rules

Leading food shippers and suppliers rely on Tive for real-time cold chain shipment visibility:

Become the next great food brand to master the cold chain, gain end-to-end visibility, and save shipments using Tive real-time tracking.

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Keep your cool in any shipping situation.

Tive enables you to monitor in-transit temperature and location of food and beverage shipments—reducing excursions, assuring product quality, and improving on-time and in-full deliveries.

End-to-End, Real-Time Visibility into Shipment Location & Conditions

Solo 5G trackers use the latest global cellular, WiFi, and GPS technology to report real-time, validated sensor data to the Tive cloud platform—making it easy to monitor perishable shipments.

Easy-to-Use, Inexpensive Temperature Logging for Cold Chain Shipments

Tive Tag is the most cost-effective, easiest-to-use temperature logger available. This paper-thin, flexible shipping label simplifies temperature tracking—and maintains an audit trail for compliance needs.

Track, Analyze, and Take Action

The Tive platform gives you a complete view and delivers immediate alerts when things go wrong—enabling you to take action to minimize product damage. The Tive real-time visibility solution supports FSMA compliance.

Award-winning technology, designed for food shippers

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