Premier 3PL Phalanx Logistics Solutions Selects Tive to Protect & Secure Cargo

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April 11, 2024


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Collaboration Provides Shippers with Advanced Tracking Solutions as Cargo Theft Incidents Continue to Rise

BOSTON, MA—April 11, 2024—Tive, the global leader in supply chain visibility technology, today announced a new customer story with Phalanx Logistics Solutions, a premier third-party logistics provider (3PL) spotlighting how Tive helps Phalanx improve cargo security using real-time shipment tracking capabilities—to support Phalanx’s diverse clientele across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

“We are living in an era where cargo theft has become a pervasive challenge—costing businesses millions annually and jeopardizing the integrity of supply chains across the globe,” said Krenar Komoni, CEO and founder of Tive. “Our real-time tracking solution enables companies shipping high-value goods to take control of their shipments, reduce risk, and ensure complete, end-to-end shipment visibility. Together, we're setting a new standard for reliability across the logistics industry.”

Until 2023, Phalanx used classic brokerage freight tracking methods—check calls, spreadsheets, email, ELD and cell phone data—to monitor customer shipments. But in the Fall of 2023, a high-value cargo theft event highlighted the vulnerabilities of these traditional tracking methods—and emphasized the urgent need for a more sophisticated, reliable technology solution.

Tive’s cloud-based visibility platform and industry-leading trackers—which provide GPS, cellular, and WiFi tracking—offered a robust answer to these challenges, ensuring that Phalanx’s shipments are constantly monitored in real time, and are securely managed from origin to destination.

Phalanx made the decision to stop tolerating cargo theft as a cost of doing business. "Choosing Tive was a key decision for us because we needed to expand the security and reliability of our shipping services,” said Dylan Morris, General Manager at Phalanx. “Its tracking technology not only helps us keep a closer eye on our shipments, using Tive strengthens our commitment to our customers—assuring them that their high-value goods are always in safe hands."

As theft and fraud continue to hit the supply chain industry in waves, brokers and shippers are seeking innovative solutions. Those who don’t use real-time shipment tracking solutions don’t know what’s happened to cargo until it’s too late—and it’s on the broker to keep the carrier accountable throughout the process. But product loss doesn’t have to exist when armed with a solution like Tive.

Read the entire Phalanx Logistics customer story here.

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