Tive Announces One Millionth Tracker Sold—a Momentous Milestone in the Real-Time, End-to-End Shipment Visibility Industry

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October 10, 2023


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Tive Announces One Millionth Tracker Sold—a Momentous Milestone in the Real-Time, End-to-End Shipment Visibility Industry

Since 2015, Tive Trackers Have Traveled Nearly 6 Billion Miles Around the World

BOSTON, October 10, 2023 — Tive, the global leader in real-time, end-to-end shipment visibility solutions, is proud to announce that the company has sold its one millionth tracker. Founded in 2015, Tive has been at the forefront of transforming supply chain visibility by providing cutting-edge technology and services that identify the hyper-accurate location of shipments across all modes of transportation, enabling customers to monitor shipment condition and empowering them to take immediate action at any point in a shipment’s journey.

Since the company’s inception, Tive trackers have generated 3.3 million real-time shipment alerts notifying customers of unexpected excursions due to location, temperature, humidity, shock, or light—enabling them to fix shipping issues before they become problems. Overall, Tive trackers have traveled nearly 6 billion miles around the world, helping protect customer shipments via road, air, ocean, and rail.

The million tracker milestone underscores Tive’s unwavering commitment to delivering innovation and value to its customers worldwide. By offering a comprehensive, multimodal, real-time view into the movement and condition of shipments, Tive has revolutionized the way businesses manage their global supply chains—improving efficiency, responsiveness, agility, and customer satisfaction across multiple industries.

Tive CEO & Founder, Krenar Komoni, expressed his excitement about this significant accomplishment, stating, “From the very beginning, we recognized that the global supply chain was in dire need of a simpler, more cost-effective visibility solution. The network effects and exponential growth we have experienced with the shipment of our one millionth tracker underscores the vital role that Tive plays in transforming the supply chain visibility landscape. This achievement is a testament to our team’s dedication, and to the direct value that our solution brings to our 600+ customers around the world.”

Tive's advanced tracking technology leverages a combination of real-time sensor measurements, data science, and advanced analytics to provide actionable insights into the condition and location of shipments—helping businesses identify potential issues before they escalate, and enabling them to make informed decisions that drive operational excellence.

In an ongoing push for sustainability, Tive created its Get Green program in 2020 which focuses on improving global supply chain sustainability. The program has scaled rapidly over the past three years, and has two main prongs: one focuses on a tracker rebate program to incentivize customers to return trackers for refurbishment and repurposing, and the other prong focuses on steps dedicated to reducing Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions—while also helping customers discover areas where they can reduce emissions through visibility

In addition, by pioneering the world’s first non-lithium tracker—the Solo 5G Non-Lithium—Tive is helping transform the supply chain landscape by removing lithium waste from landfills. Tive currently ships more non-lithium trackers than the lithium model, which also supports the company’s sustainability core value. “Tive is extremely conscious of the effect that our business has on the planet,” says Komoni. “By creating a non-lithium version of the Solo 5G tracker, it enabled Tive to have a positive impact on both social and environmental challenges we face, which is a big priority for both us and our customers.”

As Tive continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the company remains committed to empowering businesses of all sizes to optimize their supply chain operations, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. With an ever-growing global network of partners and customers, Tive is well-poised to lead the charge in bringing exceptional visibility to supply chains the world over.

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