Tive Tag Temperature Logging Label Can Be Used Multiple Times

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August 12, 2022


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Delivers first- and last-mile cold chain visibility.

Tive Tag

The Tive Tag long-life, cloud-enabled temperature logger comes in the form factor of a flexible shipping label. It provides a solution for first- and last-mile deliveries and warehouse operations, as well as over the road, rail, air, and ocean cold chain management. The tag includes a non-lithium, earth-friendly battery and can be reused trip after trip.

The tag provides an audit trail for compliance, is air freight safe, and supports ESG initiatives with minimal electronic waste. Simply attach the tag, tap it with a phone, and ship.

The Tive Tag can be started and stopped to define individual trips. Once a tag is placed on a reusable plastic container (RPC), carton, or box, users have proof of delivery and proof the cold chain was maintained—across town, coast to coast, or continent to continent. The Tive Tag makes shipping and receiving safe and easy.

“I’m really excited to show the Tive Tag to the world. We are committed to pushing the limits of possible, to deliver cutting-edge products and services to global supply chain managers. Seamless like a shipping label, the Tive Tag puts amazing tech in the palm of your hand at a price the market has never seen,” says Krenar Komoni, founder & CEO of Tive. “Customers have been searching for a last-mile solution, and cost has always been the barrier. The Tive Tag is the answer.”