Keep all supply chain stakeholders connected with real-time visibility and transparency.

Transparency builds trust—and trust builds long-term business. Visibility enables communication and collaboration across your entire network of customers, carriers, warehouses, and distribution centers—creating an outstanding customer experience.

Build a comprehensive visibility tech stack in 3 steps

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Delivering on time and in full is the key to your customers’ hearts—but it can get complicated:

Customers demand the “Amazon experience”

A 2022 survey of over 250 supply chain leaders revealed that 80% seek improved, real-time visibility into their shipments. More and more shippers require not merely timely delivery of their cargo, but on-demand insights into its location and condition.

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Disruptions and delays can—and will—happen at any step of the journey

Consistent on-time and in-full delivery gives your customers a sense of trust and predictability—but supply chains are often unpredictable. The more real-time information you have regarding the location and condition of shipments, the more proactive you can be with exception management.

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Global connectivity is critical for visibility and collaboration

The rise of 4G, 5G, and soon 6G cellular technology has enabled a new era of digital supply chain management, with near-instant communication of data and global connectivity becoming the new standard.

Constantly Connected: How 5G Cellular is Enabling the Digital Supply Chain

Leading logistics service providers rely on Tive for real-time shipment visibility:

Become the next great company to exceed your customers’ expectations with efficient, on-time, and in-full deliveries.

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Eliminate shipment delays and damage.

Whether a single truckload or a multi-leg, multimodal transit, freight’s journey can be wrought with unexpected events and excursions before it reaches its destination.

Tive’s real-time visibility solution allows you to actively monitor shipments’ location and condition and take immediate action if things go wrong, while keeping all stakeholders connected.

Real-time, hyper-accurate location and condition data

Solo 5G trackers use the latest global cellular, WiFi, and GPS technology to report real-time,validated  data to the Tive cloud platform. Multiple sensors track location, temperature, humidity, shock, and light exposure—all in one device.

A robust battery life powers even long-distance and multimodal shipments, with coverage in 186 countries via best-in-class connectivity.

Track, Analyze, and Take Action

The Tive platform allows you to actively monitor shipments and delivers immediate alerts when things go wrong—enabling you to take action to minimize product damage.

Live shipment data can be shared with customers, carriers, or any other stakeholders for full transparency and enhanced collaboration from end to end.

Award-winning technology, designed for Logistics Service Providers

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