Tive Unveils Complete Cold Chain Solution for Pharmaceuticals & Biologics Industries

October 7, 2022

July 2, 2024


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An unmistakable buzz of anticipation swirled in the crisp, cool autumn air as Tive founder and CEO Krenar Komoni stepped out onto the terrace of the Revere Hotel Rooftop Lounge, overlooking Boston’s breathtaking skyline. 

Soon, leaders in the pharmaceutical and cold chain/clinical logistics industries would join him for an evening of networking on the eve of LogiPharma — the premier global supply chain event that unites pharmaceutical supply chain leaders with their logistics, transportation, distribution, and planning partners.

However, this was not a run-of-the-mill networking event. Komoni wanted this intimate gathering to feel more like a family get-together — after all, Komoni considers each customer a member of the Tive family. He invited approximately 30 guests (from companies including Bristol Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, DB Schenker, Merck, and many others) to celebrate the various companies’ collective success to date, and also to formally announce the launch of Tive’s game-changing, validated, complete cold chain solution  for the pharmaceutical and biological industries, which includes:

  • Solo 5G pharma trackers that support a wide range of cold chain requirements, including dry ice and cryogenic shipments
  • Real-time, cloud-based software application 
  • Tive’s 24/7 Live Monitoring managed services team (optional)

Serving the Need for Ultra-Low Temperature & Location Monitoring

This end-to-end solution provides real-time visibility for pharmaceutical and biological shipments that require ultra-low temperature monitoring to reduce excursions and assure product quality throughout the cold chain journey. Hyper-accurate, multi-sensor Solo 5G trackers (powered by lithium or non-lithium batteries) collect and transmit location and temperature data in real time. This robust technology support a wide range of cold chain shipments, including dry ice (to minus-100℃) and cryogenic (to minus-200℃). 

Actionable data and real-time alerts empower you to take action to mitigate excursions and drive supply chain improvements. In his brief address to the gathering, Komoni also discussed the compliance standards that Tive’s complete solution meets for the pharmaceutical industry.

Each facet of Tive’s complete solution is GxP-compliant. All the components (hardware and software) are developed and tested following the Good Automated Manufacturing Practices 5 (GAMP 5) model. The solution creates an audit trail to address compliance needs and is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliant. Also, every Solo 5G tracker has a 3-Point NIST traceable Certificate of Calibration, and the Solo 5G trackers and dry ice and cryogenic probes  are fully calibrated by an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory.

Unlike passive data loggers (which record data but require a physical download of the collected data), Tive’s new cold chain solution provides real-time insights and alerts to proactively monitor in-transit location and temperature of global pharmaceutical and biological shipments — to reduce excursions and ensure product quality.

A Relaxed Family Gathering with a Hot Topic of Discussion

Customizing logistics in the pharmaceutical cold chain is extremely challenging, given the increasing number of direct-to-patient deliveries and the growing number of clinical trials shipping to the Middle East, North Africa, China, and other smaller countries in the Asia-Pacific region. All your partners — 3PLs specializing in pharma, biological, and clinical logistics; temperature-controlled packaging providers; and manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, biologics, and Cell & Gene therapies — must have access to the insights Tive’s solution provides.

Many industry representatives attended the September 28, 2022, event, and Komoni thanked each and every one for coming—and for their partnership with Tive and continued loyalty. The evening would not have been complete without Komoni paying homage to the guest of honor: his father-in-law Alqi Gjoka, who owns a trucking company and who was Komoni’s inspiration for founding Tive in 2015. During a family dinner, Komoni noticed his father-in-law constantly on the phone, trying to track down the status of his shipments.

Tive has come a long way since then, and this latest validated, complete cold chain solution for the pharmaceutical and biological industries  is just another example of Komoni and Team Tive serving vital needs in cold chain technology—across all modes and in 186 countries.

Contact Tive to learn more.

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