Week in Review: A Global Snapshot of Rising Theft, Innovative Logistics in Egypt & Critical Shortages in Medicine Cold Storage

February 29, 2024

February 29, 2024


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This edition cuts through the noise to spotlight pressing issues and bold moves shaping our world. From a surge in food theft disrupting global supply chains to Egypt's pioneering Sullex logistics city, we're at the heart of major transformations. The stakes are high, with Sweden's security woes at its ports and the ecommerce explosion pressuring cold storage capacities. Meanwhile, the U.K. confronts a deepening medicine shortage, testing the resilience of its health care system. So, without further ado, let’s explore these developments—and offer insights into the challenges and innovations poised to redefine logistics as we know it.

Rising Theft in the Global Food Supply Chain

In an alarming trend, food has become the prime target for theft within the global supply chain—now constituting one third of all hijacking incidents. The British Standards Institution (BSI) reports a 29% surge in food theft in 2023 compared to 2022, highlighting the pressing issue as inflation drives criminals towards essentials such as food and beverages.

Main Targets & Impacts

Perishables, typically lacking the sophisticated tracking and anti-theft measures employed by shippers of high-value electronics, present an easier target for thieves. From 47 tons of olive oil stolen in Greece to 200 missing hams in Spain, agricultural products are increasingly vulnerable—accounting for 10% of hijackings. Interestingly, while thefts from facilities decreased from 26% to 21%, container and trailer thefts jumped from 4% to 14%—with parked trucks in Europe being especially at risk.

Solutions & Strategies

The BSI emphasizes the need for improved security, particularly for parked trucks, to combat this trend. Collaboration and adaptability are also key, with a proactive approach to risk management being essential. The BSI also encourages supply chain leaders to leverage intelligence solutions—and prioritize robust strategies to effectively confront these challenges.

Sullex Launches Egypt's First Integrated Logistics & Cold Chain City

Sullex is making waves with the launch of Egypt's first-ever integrated city dedicated solely to logistics and cold chain services. The Giza Governorate-located project spans 510,000 square meters, boasts an investment that tops $150 million, and aims to set new industry standards in storing and handling chilled and frozen foods.

A Strategic Hub for Growth

Dubbed "SulleX-TRC," this city stands at a strategic crossroads—ready to uplift Upper Egypt and extend its reach as a vital logistics and manufacturing hub for the wider region. Specializing in the trade of frozen agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, and perishables including meat and dairy, SulleX-TRC aims to boost exports by linking with agricultural powerhouses and accessing critical markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council, North Africa, and Europe. It's all about forging new pathways and connections. With its sights set high, SulleX-TRC plans to create over 20,000 jobs, injecting a much-needed economic boost to local communities and across the region.

Innovations in Cold Chain Logistics

However, there's more to this city than just storage. It plans to host 60 state-of-the-art facilities for chilled and frozen foods alongside 13 smart warehouses. From sorting and packing to refrigerated transport and customs clearance, SulleX-TRC aims to reduce agricultural loss by over 30%—and cut initial capital for manufacturers by 50%. Furthermore, the city's commitment to sustainability and renewable energy sets a new standard for industrial and logistics developments in Egypt and Africa—and cold chain logistics as a whole.

Spotlight on Sweden's Container Port Security Concerns

Sweden's second-largest container port, located in Helsingborg, is under scrutiny due to a significant security lapse: the lack of a secure truck park, which is spotlighting concerns over theft and potential organized crime.

Security Blind Spot

Recent reports highlight a concerning trend in Helsingborg, where the lack of secure parking facilities has led to significant thefts—including a recent heist of perfume valued at over $100,000 (€95,000). With 142 thefts recorded in 2023—almost three times higher than in Gothenburg, a larger port—the need for enhanced security measures is evident.

Moving Toward Solutions

Authorities and local police emphasize the urgent need for secure truck parks equipped with CCTV to curb cargo thefts, which predominantly occur at night. While the Helsingborg city council shows openness to developing such facilities, challenges remain in making sure truckers are willing to utilize and pay for these services amidst competitive and illegal freight activities. The call for action extends beyond the city, urging the entire supply chain to adopt stricter security standards.

Cold Storage Real Estate: A Hot Commodity Amidst Ecommerce Surge

As ecommerce and online grocery shopping continues to expand, the demand for cold storage facilities is heating up—facing off against a tight inventory and the unique challenges of constructing these specialized spaces.

Rising Demand Meets Scarce Supply

The cold storage sector is booming, propelled by a sharp increase in ecommerce, particularly for online groceries. This surge has significantly outstripped the modest supply of 3.73 billion cubic feet, much of which dates back nearly four decades. Despite new construction projects, the sector struggles against high costs, interest rates, and supply chain delays—making current market conditions frustrating for tenants seeking modern facilities.

Construction Challenges & Market Dynamics

Building a cold storage facility is no small feat—requiring substantial investment and time. Best-in-class facilities—typically spanning 300,000 square feet—feature advanced refrigeration, insulation for varying temperatures, and specialized flooring systems. However, high upfront costs and the need for custom designs make these investments risky, with rental rates ranging from $16-25 per square foot. Despite these hurdles, the sector's outlook remains constrained and fiercely competitive—with a record low vacancy rate below 4%, and a significant portion of new construction already pre-leased.

U.K.'s Medicine Shortage Crisis Deepens

The U.K. is facing a worsening crisis from a shortage of essential medicines, and treatments for conditions ranging from epilepsy to cancer are directly impacted. Unique challenges, including increased costs due to Brexit, further compound the severity of this situation.

Critical Medication Shortages Hit Hard

Recent alerts have highlighted severe shortages in key medications, such as Tegretol for epilepsy, with healthcare providers forced to seek alternatives. The British Generic Manufacturers Association reports a worrying tally of 96 products currently in short supply, nearly doubled from January 2022. As a result of this rising trend, pharmacies are under constant stress—with many professionals voicing concerns over daily struggles that risk patient health.

U.K.'s Unique Struggles

Beyond global challenges, the U.K. faces its own set of obstacles. The aftermath of Brexit has led to a weaker pound, making it costlier for the NHS to purchase medicines. Government efforts to cap NHS spending on branded medicines have further strained the situation, making the U.K. a less-attractive market for drug manufacturers. Misalignments in planning and communication have exacerbated shortages, leading to frustration and aggression from patients towards pharmacy staff. Clearly, it’s not only the U.S. struggling with such a shortage.

Bridging Global Supply Chain Gaps with Tive's Innovative Solutions

Supply chains face unprecedented challenges—from surging thefts in global food supply chains to the pressing need for cold storage solutions. However, this week's insights aren’t all doom and gloom; they reveal a tinge of optimism from innovative strides toward improvement—such as Egypt's leap in logistics and urgent calls for improved security and healthcare logistics. Tive's cutting-edge solutions echo precisely this:

  • Trackers: Revolutionize your shipment tracking with Tive's advanced Solo 5G trackers, offering real-time location and condition monitoring to ensure the security and integrity of your cargo.
  • Tive Tag: Enhance perishable shipment protection with Tive Tag—an affordable and reusable paper-thin temperature logger—to verify that your goods have remained pristine throughout transit.
  • Platform: Streamline your supply chain management with Tive's intuitive cloud platform, offering comprehensive visibility, analytics, and integration capabilities for seamless shipment tracking and monitoring.
  • Industries: Tive caters to a diverse range of industries, ensuring tailored solutions for unique supply chain challenges—from perishables to high-value goods to transportation and logistics to pharmaceuticals…and beyond.
  • 24/7 Live Monitoring team: This team is available to help ensure that your shipments are constantly watched over and managed—to guarantee timely and secure delivery.

Arm yourself with innovation: let Tive lead the way in transforming your supply chain operations. Embrace the future of logistics–get started with Tive today.

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