Week in Review: Striking Against Cargo Theft, Eco-Friendly Alliances, & Brewing for the Future

February 15, 2024

March 4, 2024


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Diving into the heart of logistics and supply chain dynamics, this edition of our weekly newsletter brings to light the resilience and innovation defining the sector. We spotlight Mexico's brave truckers—striking against the cargo theft plaguing their highways. We also highlight the transformative DHL and Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I partnership, showcasing strides in innovation and sustainability. Similarly, Zuellig Pharma's shift to Volvo electric trucks in Taiwan and AB InBev's drive for net-zero emissions highlight moves towards more eco-friendly logistics—and a commitment to a greener future. We close out this issue with a look at the poultry industry's fight against avian flu, and the ongoing challenges of maintaining a safe food supply chain. Through these stories, we connect the issues of safety, innovation, environment, and health—and how to build a more resilient and sustainable supply chain.

Rising Against the Tide: Mexico's Truckers to Strike for Safety

In a unified stand against escalating cargo theft and violence, Mexico's trucking community is gearing up for a nationwide strike. This collective action aims to draw attention to the dire safety challenges freight transporters face while driving the nation's roadways.

Demand for Enhanced Security Measures

The impending strike—supported by thousands of drivers from up to 15 trucking industry organizations—stresses a desperate call for increased patrols by Mexico’s National Guard, stricter penalties for cargo thieves, and more robust support for the families of truckers affected by violence. Despite previous engagements with federal authorities promising heightened security, recent statistics reveal a troubling 4% increase in cargo theft incidents in 2023 (9,181 total)—with 7,862 of these involving violence.

A Unified Call for Action

This action follows a pattern of protests, including recent demonstrations on the Mexico-Queretaro highway—a critical commercial artery. The trucking community's plea for a meeting with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador reflects a broader concern over the violence that plagues their industry. With over 500,000 truck drivers represented by the National Chamber of Cargo Transportation (CANACAR), the strike not only seeks immediate government intervention—it aims to ensure long-term safety and peace of mind.

DHL & Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I Forge New Path

The recently announced three-year partnership between DHL Supply Chain and Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I not only makes DHL the sole supply chain provider for Suntory, it promises to transform logistics with a blend of innovation and beverage excellence

Enhancing Operations through Automation

The partnership intends to revolutionize SBF GB&I’s logistical framework, with DHL introducing over 310 new jobs at its Worksop site to support this venture. Leveraging advanced automated solutions, DHL aims to streamline order fulfillment across the UK, offering state-of-the-art warehouse solutions and live order tracking to elevate operational efficiency—and to provide SBF GB&I with critical insights into its supply chain.

A Vision for Sustainable Growth

Both companies are committed to growth and environmental stewardship, with DHL’s network capabilities designed to minimize wasted space, cut costs, and reduce carbon emissions. Carol Robert of SBF GB&I and Nick Archer of DHL express mutual enthusiasm for the partnership’s potential to achieve ambitious revenue targets while prioritizing customer service excellence—and reducing environmental impact with sustainable business practices.

Zuellig Pharma Electrifies Cold Chain Logistics with Volvo

Zuellig Pharma is steering Taiwan towards greener logistics by introducing the Volvo FE Electric truck, a pioneering move for the region's pharma logistics and cold chain transportation.  

A Milestone in Sustainable Logistics

This partnership, in collaboration with Taikoo Motors and Long Feng Medical Logistics, heralds a new chapter in eco-friendly logistics. Capable of covering up to 300km on a single charge—and designed to minimize emissions and noise pollution—the Volvo FE is a testament to Zuellig Pharma's commitment to sustainability. As Asia's largest healthcare service provider, Zuellig Pharma aims for carbon neutrality by 2030, embracing innovative solutions to pave the way.

Advancing Flexibility & Efficiency

The Volvo FE Electric truck is not just about clean energy: it’s about more intelligent, efficient logistics. With high-capacity batteries offering 42% extra energy capacity and a rapid charge up to 80% in 90 minutes, this vehicle adapts to various transport needs. It allows for increased payloads by 605kg for each unused battery slot, providing unparalleled flexibility in cold chain logistics. If all goes well, Zuellig Pharma's forward-thinking approach could showcase a model for the rest of the industry to emulate.

AB InBev's Bold Moves Towards Net-Zero

In other sustainable logistics news, AB InBev—the world's leading brewer by volume and revenue—is making significant strides in environmental sustainability by targeting a substantial reduction in Scope 2 and 3 emissions across its European supply chain.

Targeting Emissions Across the Board

AB InBev's partnership with South Pole targets a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, focusing on Scope 2 and 3—which comprise 85% of its total emissions. Through group buying, this initiative facilitates access to renewable electricity across Europe for both the company and its partners, directly addressing the environmental footprint of its operations and supply chain.

Pioneering Sustainability in Brewing

With operations in 150 countries—and a portfolio that includes iconic brands such as Budweiser, Stella Artois, and Corona—AB InBev is not only a powerhouse in the brewing industry but also a leader in sustainability. The company's commitment to brewing all its European beers with 100% renewable energy showcases its dedication to environmental stewardship. Moreover, its ambitious goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040 underlines AB InBev's role as a pioneer in advancing sustainability within global brewing.

Battling Avian Flu in the Food Supply Chain

In the ongoing fight to maintain the safety of the global food supply chain, significant efforts are underway to combat the spread of avian flu—with nearly 82 million birds euthanized in recent efforts to contain the disease, while simultaneously protecting the industry and public health.

Containment Strategies in Action

The battle against avian flu has seen farms taking extreme measures, including the recent euthanization of 550,000 egg-laying hens in California following a positive flu test. These actions emphasize the vulnerability of commercial flocks to avian influenza, a pathogen thriving in the densely populated conditions of modern industrial farms. The USDA's detection of the virus in over 1,084 flocks across 47 states—leading to the culling of nearly 81.74 million birds—illustrates the massive scale of the challenge.

Future Outlook & Prevention

As the poultry industry expands to meet increasing demand—projected to rise by 6.9% from 2023 to 2024—the risk of disease spread also escalates. Efforts to mitigate these risks include rigorous inspection processes and the potential development of vaccines for avian flu. Meanwhile, safety measures, including proper cooking and handling of poultry products, remain crucial in preventing the transmission of the virus to humans—emphasizing the importance of vigilance in both production and consumption.

Building a Resilient Future with Tive

From Mexico's truckers confronting cargo theft head-on to the eco-friendly endeavors of DHL and Suntory to the pioneering electric logistics by Zuellig Pharma, there's a collective push towards safer, greener, and more efficient logistics—across the supply chain. AB InBev's commitment to slashing emissions and the critical fight against avian flu in the poultry industry further emphasizes this.

As we reflect on these stories, cutting-edge technology drives these changes, particularly from providers like Tive:

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