Cold Chain Audit and Storage Checklist for Shipping Perishables

Cold chain audits exist because hope is not a strategy—and ignorance is not a defense.

Everyone involved in the cold chain understands how vital it is to have visibility into temperature-controlled shipments—from point of origin to final delivery. Even the slightest excursion from the mandated temperature range—at any point in the journey—could result in the loss of an entire load. The consequences can negatively impact your corporate bottom line, jeopardize your reputation, and in extreme cases cause consumer illness or death.

Tive has created a comprehensive checklist to help you prepare for a cold chain audit. Some of these items pertain directly to shippers, while others are for your supply chain partners. Sharing this checklist with them ensures they can be ready for an audit, as well.

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Key Findings:

  • Conducting an assessment helps you identify gaps, issues, and other risks in your cold chain.
  • This insight points to spots where you should deploy additional resources and take corrective actions to eliminate risks.
  • Audits determine whether your cold chain operates as intended according to established policies and protocols.
  • This comprehensive cold chain checklist helps you ensure that all supply chain partners—including suppliers, warehouse personnel, and carriers—can assure the integrity of the cold chain throughout transport.
Cold Chain Audit and Storage Checklist for Shipping Perishables