Market Report: The State of Visibility 2024

Survey says: Visibility isn't just a value-added service—it's a fundamental customer expectation.

Tive’s “State of Visibility 2024” survey collected responses from 244 supply chain professionals—spanning industry sectors from around the globe—and revealed a striking truth: real-time shipment visibility is considered a key component of digital transformation and sustainability.

The experiences of 2023, particularly in navigating the complexities introduced by global disruptions—such as the Red Sea shipping attacks—played a pivotal role in shaping 2024 priorities. These trends underscore a growing consensus on the indispensability of real-time visibility when it comes to meeting customer demands for transparency and operational efficiency.

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Key Findings:

  • Only 24% of respondents currently have visibility into 75-100% of their total shipments, and 45% of respondents have visibility into less than 50% of their total shipments
  • 80% of respondents cite that security, loss prevention, and cross-border shipping challenges are the main drivers behind their need for real-time visibility
  • 47% of respondents reported monthly cargo losses of $5,000 or more
Market Report: The State of Visibility 2024