Survey Report: Tracking the Cold Chain

Cold chain logistics is expected to be a $782 billion market by 2030, according to Allied Market Research. The research firm measured the market at $202 billion in 2020, implying serious growth over the next decade. 

Temperature disruptions, poor timing, and improper positioning can all wreak havoc on refrigerated shipments. Because of this, data collection and real-time visibility have become vital to moving these loads.

FreightWaves teamed up with Tive to learn more about how shippers collect and utilize data from their cold chain operations, surveying supply chain professionals about their cold chain operations. The majority of respondents have some decision-making power in their companies, making their responses valuable indicators of what is happening in the wider industry.

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Key Findings:

  • The majority of cold chain shippers engage in some level of shipment tracking, with most companies focusing on temperature and location data
  • A significant minority of shippers report not tracking cold chain loads at all
  • Shippers tracking loads would benefit from adding additional monitoring capabilities, including humidity, light, and shock
  • Data suggests there is still a significant untapped market when it comes to cold chain visibility
Survey Report: Tracking the Cold Chain