LogiPharma 2024 Playbook Highlights Why Real-Time Visibility & Data are Critical to Ensuring the Quality & Safety of New Medicines & Patient Therapies

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March 26, 2024


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Two-Thirds of Supply Chain Leaders Expect to Face Significant Challenges as Next-Generation, Gene-Based Therapies Scale Up

BOSTON, MA, March 26, 2024– Tive, the global leader in supply chain and logistics visibility technology, today announced its contribution to Worldwide Business Research’s LogiPharma 2024 Playbook—which features survey-based insights from 150 supply chain leaders across the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors on industry trends including the push towards greater agility, the imperative of sustainability, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The Playbook includes a detailed examination by Alex Guillen, Tive's Global SME in Life Sciences and Pharma, on the role of precise and timely supply chain data. Guillen believes that ensuring the successful delivery and launch of dozens of new cell and gene therapies, as expected in 2024, is fundamentally dependent on the industry’s advancements in real-time supply chain visibility.

“An essential part of the conversation for pharma leaders today is how to address the critical challenges of modern therapy delivery," said Guillen. “The LogiPharma 2024 Playbook plays a pivotal role in this discourse. By contributing our expertise in real-time shipment tracking for location, temperature deviations, and light exposure, we're providing solutions that enhance the accessibility of life-saving treatments. We’re honored to have our insights included in a roadmap that essentially helps life sciences and pharma companies turn the promise of innovation into the reality of patient care.”

Expanding on Guillen’s insights, Tive’s Founder and CEO Krenar Konomi is cited in the report: “Proprietary, real-time data on physical operations and logistics is the new oil, and companies cannot afford to have data latencies if they want to stay agile in today’s pharmaceutical supply chains. With 97% of respondents stating they gather real-time data on at least some shipments, it’s clear that pharmaceutical logistics leaders are eager to adapt and are prioritizing real-time shipment visibility in their overall digital transformation efforts.”

LogiPharma’s 2024 report includes expert commentary and data insights from Tive, along with contributions from Kinaxis, One Network Enterprises, YuanTing Cold Chain, and Johnson & Johnson. Key findings include:

  • 57% of supply chain leaders prioritize improving supply chain capabilities—highlighting the importance of expanding internal capabilities amidst outsourcing, innovative modalities, and novel patient outreach methods
  • Pharmaceutical leaders aim for a greener future by using transportation data to support sustainability (43%) and improve partnerships (47%), thereby promoting eco-friendly practices
  • Supply chain professionals are focusing on the fundamentals of new technology, with 74% adding value to supply chain planning and 55% to risk management, leveraging automation to enhance efficiency as research and development costs rise

In addition to contributing to the playbook, Tive will attend the upcoming LogiPharma conference taking place April 16-18 in Lyon, France. Guillen will take the stage to share his expert insights on the industry’s future, discussing how to improve digital integration to drive data-enabled efficiencies in the MedTech supply chain.  

Tive will also sponsor Booth 26, showcasing its latest innovations in real-time shipment visibility solutions. To learn more about Tive and LogiPharma 2024, please visit and

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