Mary Kay & Tive Collaborate to Elevate Supply Chain Visibility & Efficiency

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December 19, 2023


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Mary Kay & Tive Collaborate to Elevate Supply Chain Visibility & Efficiency

Using Tive’s real-time, end-to-end visibility solution, Mary Kay Global achieves a solid foundation of shipment visibility—protecting their high-value products and inspiring customer confidence

BOSTON, December 19, 2023 — Tive, the global leader in real-time, end-to-end shipment visibility solutions, is proud to share a compelling customer success story highlighting their strategic partnership with Mary Kay Global, a global beauty and cosmetics powerhouse headquartered in Addison, Texas. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in optimizing Mary Kay’s supply chain operations through innovative technology.

Faced with an unacceptable shipment visibility gap during the pandemic, Mary Kay prioritized finding a shipment visibility solution provider who could unite all real-time, end-to-end shipment data into one easy-to-use cloud platform. 

Leveraging Tive’s cutting-edge tracking and monitoring solutions, Mary Kay has streamlined its logistics processes, minimized disruptions, and is empowered to deliver an exceptional experience to its customers worldwide. The company now uses Tive Solo 5G trackers on all shipments, using the data collected in Tive’s cloud-based platform to spot anomalies and make operational improvements—across the company and the world.

Mary Kay shippers in some markets insisted on using non-refrigerated containers because they are less expensive. Once Mary Kay started putting Tive trackers on all shipments to Brazil, for example, the company could show them how a shipment that was supposed to be at a consistent 68 degrees Fahrenheit was actually reaching 104 degrees. That led to a lot of ruined products—and lost revenue for the company.

Keeping an eye on shipment temperature—and making sure that Mary Kay’s markets understand why they push refrigerated containers during certain periods of the year—helped the company resolve many operational challenges.

Key highlights of the customer story include:

  • A reduction in lead times from 86 days to just 45 days—in 2023 alone, Mary Kay reduced lead times by almost 50%
  • A reduction in theft: Mary Kay was getting periodic insurance claims saying that they hadn’t loaded certain products, and Tive gives them the proof needed to show that a container has been opened—and products stolen
  • Ways Tive helps improve freight forwarder negotiations, accelerate border crossing times, and minimize cargo theft

“We are thrilled to partner with Mary Kay, a company renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in the beauty industry,” said Krenar Komoni, Tive CEO and Founder. “By implementing Tive’s real-time visibility platform, Mary Kay gains granular insights into their entire supply chain, enabling proactive decision-making, reducing risks, and ensuring on-time deliveries.”

“At Mary Kay, we must make sure that we’re delivering high-quality products—every time. The cheapest way is not always the best way for our products,” said Lusine Atayan, Manager of Supply Chain Process Transformation at Mary Kay Global. “The biggest ROI we gain by using Tive is this: you don't want a $250,000 shipment to freeze. You definitely don't want that, and Tive helps us prevent it.”

Read the complete customer story here.

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