Tive Advances End-to-End Real-Time Shipment Visibility Across All Modes of Transportation

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July 11, 2023


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Tive Advances End-to-End Real-Time Shipment Visibility Across All Modes of Transportation

New Innovations in Multimodal & Multi-Leg Tracking Provide Nearly 100% International Shipment Visibility

BOSTON, July 11, 2023 — Tive, the global leader in real-time supply chain visibility solutions, today announced further advancements that enable global real-time multimodal and multi-leg end-to-end shipment visibility—including over-the-road (OTR), rail, ocean, and air coverage. Tive’s customers can now gain a clear, end-to-end view into the location and condition of their shipments regardless of the mode of transportation. This unprecedented level of visibility shows Tive customers where their shipments are, enables them to monitor what condition they are in, and allows them to take immediate action at any point in a shipment’s journey.

Tive’s end-to-end visibility capabilities are made possible by innovations in its real-time Solo 5G trackers, cloud-based platform, and an open Application Programming Interface (API), which makes it easy for customers to connect their existing transportation management systems (TMS), warehouse management systems (WMS), or other Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions to the Tive platform. 

“The use of live geolocation and temperature tracking is integral to complex healthcare supply chains, including Cell and Gene Therapies, high-importance study medications, and Direct-To/From-Patient clinical trials,” said James Smith, VP of Global Operations of QuickSTAT. “These tools help to proactively mitigate the many challenges that may occur during transit, due to the ability to view live data, which protects product integrity—and ultimately improves the patient experience.”

While Tive’s trackers provide hyper-accurate location and condition tracking via cellular, WiFi, and GPS positioning systems—powering robust location tracking for both OTR and rail shipments—traditionally the blind spots have been in air and ocean shipments where there is limited network connectivity coverage. Trackers attached to air cargo do not have line-of-sight to GPS satellites, and cellular transmissions are not allowed. To overcome these challenges for in-flight tracking, Tive customers simply enter air waybill (AWB) numbers directly into the Tive platform and gain instant access to the location of their freight. Customers using Tive for ocean tracking can now tap into GPS coordinates provided by a vessel’s Automated Identification System (AIS) or satellite-enabled tracking simply by adding the Container Number into the Tive platform. 

In both the air and ocean shipping scenarios, once the attached Tive trackers come back into cellular coverage range, all collected condition tracking data—including temperature, light, shock, and humidity—is merged with location data, and is date stamped in the Tive platform. Users can then quickly detect condition excursions and take timely corrective action, if necessary.

Armed with this breadth and depth of location and condition data, Tive customers are empowered to easily access aggregated, multimodal international shipment data using Tive’s advanced analytics capabilities. 

“Our goal is to forge an interconnected web of open visibility that ensures transparency, efficiency, and reliability throughout the global trade ecosystem—and multimodal, multi-leg international shipment tracking is the key to unlocking a truly seamless global supply chain,” said Krenar Komoni, CEO & Founder of Tive. “In an increasingly interconnected world—where goods traverse multiple modes of transportation and cross borders—the ability to monitor and manage the journey seamlessly through these exchanges becomes mandatory. At Tive, we empower businesses to create operating leverage—so they can grow their revenue without growing their operating expenses—and we demonstrate that capability every day through the accurate tracking data and various managed services we offer.”

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