Tive & Freightflow Announce Partnership to Bring Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility to Freightflow’s Perishable Shipping Customers

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April 27, 2023


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Tive & Freightflow Announce Partnership to Bring Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility to Freightflow’s Perishable Shipping Customers

In-Transit Temperature & Location Tracking Drive Data-Driven Improvements in Customer Satisfaction & Operational Excellence

BOSTON, April 27, 2023 — Tive, the global leader in real-time supply chain visibility solutions, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Freightflow, a leading cloud-based TMS built for the perishable produce industry. This partnership will enable Freightflow to provide their network of shippers and carriers with Tive’s real-time visibility solution on all shipments—providing strategic differentiation while simultaneously improving shipment efficiency, reducing costs, and delivering exceptional customer service.

By adding Tive's FSMA-compliant visibility technology to shipments, Freightflow is able to offer a comprehensive solution that provides real-time insight into perishable freight—from point of origin to point of delivery. The sensors in Tive Solo 5G trackers provide real-time location, temperature, humidity, and light exposure data, enabling Freightflow to monitor the condition of their customers’ shipments in real time—and ensure that products arrive at their destination in optimal condition.

“If you can’t track your perishable shipments throughout the cold chain, you can’t proactively prevent problems—you can only react to them,” said Krenar Komoni, Tive CEO and Founder. “We are excited to partner with Freightflow to offer a truly comprehensive supply chain visibility solution to their customers, enabling them to make data-driven decisions that improve both their operations and customer satisfaction.”

With more than 95% of Freightflow’s shipments being transported via refrigerated carriers, Tive provides extra assurance that mandated temperatures remain consistent—and that Freightflow gets immediately notified in the event of an excursion. Freightflow facilitates quick resolutions by sending these events directly into their remediation workflow, and actively logging deviations for clarity. With Freightflow’s configurable solution, perishable thresholds are adjusted corresponding to the sensitivities of the produce transported—ensuring that products arrive in excellent condition according to compliance specifications.

Freightflow has a strong history of adopting innovative technology solutions that complement their capabilities and protect their customers’ products. By combining Tive’s real-time sensor data with Freightflow’s transportation metrics on carriers, lanes, and commodities, Freightflow customers are able to provide higher-quality services through better decision making. Adding Tive to their portfolio is expected to provide significant benefits, enabling Freightflow to optimize their supply chain operations and deliver better results for their customers.

“Perishable shippers need complete visibility into every sensitive shipment—to assure consistent quality, reduce waste, and minimize rejected loads,” said Butch Peri, CEO of Freightflow. “It is of the utmost importance to monitor the in-transit temperature and location of these shipments, and we are thrilled to partner with Tive to ensure the safety and quality of our customers’ products.”

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