Tive Tag: Ultra Thin Temperature Logger

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September 15, 2022


2 min read

Hollywood, Florida, US: Tive Tag is the thinnest, easiest to use label for end-to-end cold chain monitoring of temperature-sensitive products, says the maker, Tive.

It is a cloud-enabled temperature logger, in the form of a thin, flexible shipping label, and at half the cost of a conventional logger. It lasts for a year, can be reused trip after trip during that year, and is powered by a non-lithium environmentally friendly battery.

“It’s like a shipping label – just one that has an incredible amount of tech embedded inside,” Tive says.

“How does it work? It’s simple – just stick, tap and ship. Using your iOS or Android device, tap the Tag to start. When a shipment arrives, tap the tag again to collect the temperature data from its origin to its destination.

“Tive Tag instantly uploads all temperature data to the Tive Tag cloud application for review and regulatory compliance. On the dashboard, you can view your shipment’s complete history, including temperature excursions across the cold chain,” the company says.