August 2022 Product Roundup

Read about the new custom user roles features and bug fixes for this month, along with a sneak peek of bulk shipment sharing. Check out the new Application look and features in the video.

What’s New

See selected shipments on a map to share with another user 

The Shipment Overview map highlights shipments you have selected to share with another user, as shown below. This makes it easier to visualize which shipments you’ve selected based on a user’s current location.

View shared shipments on a map

Drill down on shipment locations within maps 

The ability to zoom in on all maps in the Tive application has increased from 17x to 21x, making it much easier to view the location of shipments in greater detail.

Increased map magnification

Streamlined process for adding existing users to an organizations 

It’s now much easier for an existing user to accept an invitation to join an organization. When a user with a pending invitation to join another organization logs into the Tive application, the following message provides the option to accept or decline the invitation.

Pending invitation for an existing user to join an organization

Restoring default permissions for the Admin or General role

If you have changed the default permissions for the Admin or General roles, you can now restore these permissions back to their original state by clicking the Restore to Default button on the Edit Role page, as shown below.

Restoring default permissions for the Admin or General roles

Get started exploring the latest features to help you save shipments:

Bug Fixes

Here’s a rundown of the top bug fixes this month.

  • In the ‘Columns’ feature in Shipment/Tracker List pages, you can now scroll down and the windowed mode label is properly hidden.
  • In the Shipment reports, you can now see the departed and arrival time according to your time zone.
  • You can now scroll and view all tracker details in tracker pages.
  • You can now view and navigate through sensor data in the data graphs on the Shipment Details page.
  • When sharing a shipment with a specific email address, invalid emails are now flagged to the user to resolve.
  • The Shipment Details map now displays the correct route, with all available details for  tracker pings.
  • Customized logos on public shared shipment pages now display properly for users who are logged in to the application.
  • Shipment sharing links now populate via the public API, regardless of who originally generated the link—as long as the user has access to the link.

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Coming Soon

We’re excited to share that in September you’ll be able to see alerts in Shipment Details according to your time zone, as shown below.

Alerts in your time zone in Shipment Details coming soon