Q1 2024 Product Roundup

A quarterly product roundup of new features and improvements from January, February, and March. See what’s new, what’s improved, and what it means for your operations.


Welcome to our quarterly product roundup, in which we share new product features and improvements that have been added to Tive during the last few months. We also share the latest product updates from the Tive Team.

At Tive, we like keeping our customers informed of new features that can have a positive impact on their businesses—and we relentlessly innovate to transform supply chain technology, provide visibility on a global scale, and deliver a best-in-class user experience.

Our team works hard every day to expand our solutions and help users be more resilient, more efficient, and deliver real-time, actionable insights that provide end-to-end shipping visibility—across road, ocean, air, and rail.

So let’s see what’s new!


Platform tiers are now implemented across all customers

Starting March 28, 2024, the Tive platform will begin implementing software tiers for customers based on their product selection during contract negotiations. This helps ensure that Tive provides the features corresponding to what customers have subscribed to in their existing contracts. For additional questions or concerns, please contact your Account Manager or reach out to

What’s New


Seamlessly order new trackers from within the Tive platform

Now you can quickly and easily replenish your device inventory by submitting new tracker orders directly from within the Tive platform. This new feature allows platform customers to submit orders for hardware products that are currently active in their Tive contract.

Manage device settings more efficiently using new tracker configurations

Do you regularly use the same device settings (transmission interval, measurement interval, etc.) on your Tive trackers? Now you can create, modify, and attach a configuration to multiple devices in your inventory from within the Tive platform—enabling you to have greater control over tracker settings. Configurations are saved device settings that can be saved and attached to one or more devices.

Tracker transmission intervals can now be set to 4, 18, or 24 hours

You now have the option to set tracker transmission intervals to 4, 18, or 24 hours. By extending tracker transmission intervals (the time between each call the tracker makes to upload data to the Tive platform), customers with ocean shipments can preserve tracker battery life to maintain end-to-end visibility.


Delivery date (ETAs) now display times based on the destination’s timezone

When viewing a shipment’s estimated Delivery Date on the Details tab, the times displayed are now based on the destination’s time zone for that shipment leg—improving the accuracy of shipment ETAs.


Set specific times when creating reports

When generating a report and selecting a date range, you can now select hour or minute when defining the start and end time. Additionally, when generating tracker reports, you can now select historical date ranges beyond one year ago. This new feature lets you customize reporting—so you can quickly sort or search to find the data you need.

Tracker reports now display sensor data for Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT)

When generating tracker reports, now you can view the mean kinetic temperature for a selected date range to understand how much temperature has impacted your shipment during transit.

User Experience

Choose how time zone information is displayed throughout the Tive platform

The Location Time Display lets you personalize how shipment date and time information is presented to match your preferences throughout the Tive platform. You can select your preferred time zone by navigating to your profile settings, and choosing between using the Location time zone or the My Profile time zone. The Location time zone aligns shipment ETAs, departure, and arrival times to the specific time zone of the location or address provided. My Profile Time zone displays ETAs and times based on the current timezone selected within your user profile settings.

New option to mandate SSO login across an entire organization

Now you can mandate SSO login across your entire organization—simplifying the login process for users while enhancing security for their organization’s IT. To enable this feature for your organization, please contact your account manager.

Little Fixes = Big Improvements

  • ETAs are now displayed on the Shipment Sharing page, and can only be viewed by collaborators who have access to Location + Condition data or Location Only data
  • Shipment ETAs now consider driver laws, or Hours of Service regulations, when providing ETA dates and time ranges—to provide a more accurate timeline for operational planning
  • Condition-Only Shipment Sharing links no longer show ETA information
  • Receivers using the Public Shipment Sharing link can now view ETAs to understand the expected shipment arrival
  • Resolved an issue in which prolonged stop alerts were triggered before the shipment started
  • Resolved an issue that prevented alert data from displaying properly on the Summary Analytics page for shipment legs without an assigned carrier
  • Improved Spanish translations of “Geofence” to Geocerca and “Leg” to Tramo within the Tive platform
  • Email notifications for light alerts now include the address of where the alert was triggered
  • Now it’s easier and more intuitive to create and edit route geofences within the Tive platform
  • The Shipment Analysis page has been removed from the Tive platform
  • Once a shipment has been created, users are now redirected to view the Shipment Details tab instead of viewing the list of shipments within their Tive account
  • All custom fields can now be toggled on/off in the Shipments list

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